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Chulgiri Hills in Jaipur

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Chulgiri Hills: A scenic location to behold

With the presence of numerous locations for weekend picnics, family vacations, honeymoons, pilgrimage, historical visits, luxury holidays and backpacker destinations, Jaipur, the pink city lures all kinds of tourists. Jaipur is called ‘Choti Kaashi’, as temples are located at every nook and corner of this city. One such place that is a blend of religiosity, natural beauty and adventure is Chulgiri Hills. Chulgiri hills is the most impressive place in Jaipur to visit with ancient temples, incredible natural surroundings and an array of adventure opportunities altogether.

About the Chulgiri temple Jaipur

About the Chulgiri temple Jaipur

Surrounded by the Aravali, Chulgiri is a beautiful holy place of Jainese. There is a famous Jain temple of Digambara shrine perched on top of the North end of the Jhalana Range. The Chulgiri temple is also called as Siddha Bhoomi. It has been said that Indrajeet and Kumbhakaran (Ravana’s son) have also visited these temples for meditation and a feeling of liberation.

This temple is not only popular in India but also famous all over the world. Every year in the month of May a major event (festival) is organized over here, the same way a festival named Panch Kalyanak was organized in May 1982.

Origin of the Chulgiri temple in Jaipur

Origin of the Chulgiri temple in Jaipur

The Chulgiri Jain temple is a popular sanctum place originated in the year 1953. Jain Acharya Shri Desh Bhushan Ji Maharaj came to this vicinity and found it a very peaceful area for his penance. So, he selected this location for his mortification and after a few months, he decided to build a Jain temple over here and gave the name “Chulgiri” to these hills. The peaceful and serene environment around awakens the religiosity in you. There are 11 temples on the Chulgiri hill and 19 at the bottom. There are several trekking trails here that lead to one or the other religious precinct. 

The architecture of Chulgiri temple Jaipur


Foundation of Chulgiri Jain temple in Jaipur was a challenge in itself as it has been built amidst the Aravalli hills. The main temple is located on the hill, with 1000 steps. The amazement of the temple showed up in the year 1966, when three excellent sculptures made of white stone were propounded. These three statutes are of 3 most popular Tirthankars, Shree Parshavnath, Mahaveer Swami and Neminath. Later on, the 24 Thirthankar’s statues were also installed and a small water tank was also made to collect rainwater for worship and consecration of god. It also houses one of the finest Jain libraries.

During the Panch Kalyanak festival organised earlier in 1982, an enormous 21-foot tall statue of Mahaveer Swami was established here. It is said to be one of the tallest idols of Mahavira. This stupendous sculpture is carved out of white stone and a 65-foot big dome was also made to cover this scrumptious sculpture. This marvellous statue was placed in a huge area of 75 by 65 feet. Standing in front of that spectacular idol, you feel a god-like presence. The idol is in perfect proportion and is structured with unique art and style.

Another beauty of this temple is that the rooftop of the Chulgiri Jain temple is embraced by the huge Jain Yantra of four feet. This Jain Yantra is embossed on a copper plate of 40 kg and comprises six thousand 5 hundred sixty-one columns, vowels, consonants, Mantras, Swastik symbols followed by some other holy symbols.

Chulgiri Trek

Chulgiri Trek

Chulgiri remains a prominent place being one of the most adventurous places of the Pink City. Chulgiri hills offer a more rustic trekking experience as the way to the temple is an adventure in itself with thousand steps to reach. This has made hiking and trekking on the Aravali Hills a different experience and many tourists visit Chulgiri just for this.

Trekking into the jungle surrounding Chulgiri is not safe, instead, you should opt the stairs or the ramp which lead to the temple. The stairs offer panoramic views along with a workout. While the ramp also is loved by many runners. The ramp starts from the valley and reaches the temple. The scouts and guide camps are also organised over there. One of the most popular routes of Jhalana Leopard Safari also ends near the base Chulgiri hills.

What’s attractive about Chulgiri ?

attractive about Chulgiri

The Chulgiri, encompassed by Aravali ranges have various picturesque views which let you get close with nature. The view when you climb up the temple would leave you awestruck. Though vehicles can reach the top after a 4km climb but a walk up the stairs is also pretty exciting. The climb up to the temple can be tiring but the spectacular beauty of this heavenly place surrounding forests from the top can be worth the effort. Especially during monsoon, when there is greenery all over, the place looks all the more beautiful and attractive and the breathtaking view definitely beguiles you. With many scenic views, it’s a perfect place for a picnic and this is the reason numerous individuals come here for an outing for the most part on weekends.

Is there any nearby attraction?

Chulgiri Nearby Attraction

Another tourist attraction here is the Ghat ki Guni tunnel which takes you to the temple. This beautiful tunnel is approx 885 m long and is also a major tourist attraction of Jaipur. It was inaugurated on 20th January 2013 by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Many tourists come here just to see this tunnel.

When is the best time to visit Chulgiri?

Visiting Chulgiri during summer is a big NO, unless it is very early morning. Moderate climate is the best time to enjoy the magnificent view from the top. However, in the month of May, a festival is organised here. Thousands of people come for this annual gathering.


It’s open early in the morning and closed at 8:30 at night. If you are planning to visit during night time then go only through your four-wheeler. It is strictly not advisable to go from a motorbike as wildlife also exists in Aravali ranges and sometimes you may find leopards and other wild animals on the road.

How to reach

This temple is situated at the outskirts of Jaipur city, it’s almost 20 km from Jaipur city. If you are coming from Jaipur Airport than its approx 16 km and from Bus Stand its 20 km but best the part is that you will easily get road transportation for the Chulgiri from anywhere in the Jaipur city.


There is a meal facility available inside the Jain temple at an economical price. However, you will get simple food here. The mineral water facility is also available. It is not allowed to take any non-veg product inside the temple premises or nearby it.

Photography Allowed

Earlier the rules were not strict as are now. After a few youngsters fell while taking a selfie it is advised to keep your cameras inside and not to click any pictures. Clicking pictures with our cellphones on the way to the temple is also prohibited. No leather items are to be taken.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to visit Chulgiri


About 18 kilometres from Jaipur, at Agra national highway (NH-11).


Shri Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra, Chulgiri Prabandh Samiti, Desh-Bhushan Nagar, Agra Road, Khaniya, Jaipur

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