Parents protest against fee hike by private schools in Jaipur

Parents protest against fee hike by private schools in Jaipur


Parents of children protested against the irrational fees hike of private schools in Jaipur city on Tuesday. Parents shouted slogans in front of the schools.

The parents gave a written complaint to the district education officer against the irrational fees hike in the private schools like Mahaveer and Jayshree Periwal of Jaipur.

According to a parent, every year the schools are increasing the fees by 15% – 20% and charging extensively for stationary, books and uniforms

‘The stationary charged by the school costs 30% higher than the market price’, said parents of a student studying in Jayshree Periwal School.

The administration of the schools has denied the parents’ allegations saying that they are following the rules with regard to school fee hike.

The Mahaveer Public School officials said that the fees were increased only after taking the consent of the parent’s committee. In reply to this, the parents said that they have no clue about the parent’s committee and its members.

Jaipur district Education officer has constituted a three-member committee to look into the matter. The committee will soon submit its report to the state government.
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