Jungle Leopard Safari jaipur

A new Tourist Safari to be developed at Galta forests

Jungle corridor for leopard habitat to be built in the Galta forest area, Jaipur will now be the first city to have 4 jungle safaris.


Now tourists will get a gift of a new jungle safari in Jaipur. The Forest Department has started developing the Galta region adjoining the Jhalana leopard reserve as a jungle corridor for leopard habitats.

With the Jhalana Leopard Jungle Safari in the capital, now the family of wildlife is increasing in the Beed Papad forest area of ​​Galta and Nahargarh Sanctuary including the forest area of ​​Amer. Therefore, the Forest Department has started working on the conservation of wildlife in the Beed ka papad area of Galta and Nahargarh Sanctuary along with Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur for the tourists.

 Areas becoming smaller for the wildlife

In the forest area of ​​Amer including Jhalana, Galta and Nahargarh of the capital, the family of other wildlife including panthers is increasing. Even though the patrolling and monitoring of the forest department is getting better, the area for wildlife is getting smaller. The new Panthers are also seeing field fighting. Due to which many panthers are getting hurt, increasing the risk of death of the panther. Due to this many panthers are looking for areas in the surrounding forests. For this, the Forest Department has started developing Jungle Safari in Galta Jungle and Nahargarh Sanctuary.

Grassland will be developed for wildlife

According to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Half Dr. D.N. Pandey, “Around 15 leopards are inhabiting the Galta region. However, there were no routes to monitor them. Now, 2 treks are being built across Galta forest spread over 16 sq km, in which some small routes will also be made. Apart from this, grassland will be developed for hunting wildlife. Along with this, many works will be done in the conservation of wildlife including making more than 10 water points, tube wells, and walls. This extension of Jhalana will be an added attraction for tourists.”

Number of Panthers in Jhalana, Nahargarh and Galta forest area

  • The Jhalana forest spread over 20 sq km has 43 panthers
  • The Galta forest spread over 16 sq km has 15 panthers
  • Nahargarh forest spread over 55 sq km has more than 20 panthers 

Tourists will get 4 Jungle Leopard Safari

If everything goes well, there is a possibility that tourists will get the gift of Galta and Nahargarh Jungle Safari in the year 2022. As soon as all this is developed, the forest will become a corridor. This means Panthers will be able to move from Jhalana forest to Sariska via Galta, Nahargarh, Amer and Achrol. After this development, the city of Jaipur will be the first city to have 4 jungle safaris including three Leopards and one Lion Safari.

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