RT-PCR tests begin for international passengers at Jaipur airport

After the orders of the union ministry of health, the Jaipur International Airport authorities have begun RT-PCR tests for international passengers.


With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in China, the Jaipur International Airport authorities have started performing RT-PCR tests for international passengers. The step has been taken following the directions issued by the union ministry of health

As per the directions of the ministry regarding increasing Covid-19 cases in China, rapid RT-PCR tests are being conducted at the airport. Tests for Covid-19 symptoms are being conducted for two percent of the total passengers coming in Jaipur from abroad via international flights.

For collection of the samples, additional counters and booths have been set up in the airport’s arrival hall. Passengers will first provide the samples before they leave the arrival lounge. If the test report is positive, the sample will be sent further for genome testing to the authorized laboratory. A copy of the same will go to the Integrated Surveillance Shared Program.

The testing will be conducted free and no fee will be charged. Apart from this, the passenger should be fully vaccinated.

The union ministry of health has issued an alert observing the overflow in Covid-19 cases in China and some other countries. The Rajasthan government has also amped up the testing for Covid-19.

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