Jaipuri kurti for every occasion

Top 10 Jaipuri Kurtis for Every Occasion: Find Your Perfect Ethnic Look Today!


Everyone loves to wear the latest fashion designs and be with the trend. Most of them are looking for apparel that is a perfect blend of class, style and comfort. Well, Kurtas are one such timeless piece of fashion that are comfiest and versatile that never disappoint you. Especially when it is a Jaipuri kurtis, one can never get short of choices.

Jaipuri Kurti are the best wardrobe essentials that accompany you no matter what the choice or occasion is. No matter how much fashion trends change every day or a new trend ushers, demand for Jaipuri kurti always remains in vogue. Jaipuri Prints and their worldwide appeal never fade or fail to impress its audience and thus never go out of fashion. The style, designs and craftsmanship of kurtas are unique owing to its distinct print forms.

Here, we give you a chance to look at the most popular prints. Seize your choice of all before they get out of stock.

Different Jaipuri Prints 

Jaipuri Prints are famous for their vibrant colours, patterns and styles and selling in the market like hot cake. They are loved worldwide for the Hand block printing which is the art of creating prints on fabric through carved wooden blocks that are covered or dipped in dye and are repeatedly pressed along the length of cloth to create beautiful patterns. The popular Jaipur Prints are Bagru prints, Dabu prints, Bandhani Leheriya prints, Tie and Dye prints, and the common block prints available on any fabric ranging from silk, cotton and a variety of yarn fabric or loom threads. If you want to know more about jaipur prints and fabric check here. Have a look at some of the prominent choices. 


A tie and dye technique that is popular amongst all. It involves a technique where the cloth is plucked by fingernails into tiny bindings and then dyed. It is a design which carries primarily dots of different sizes against a backdrop of bright colours.

Bandhani Pattern Fabric
Bandhani Pattern Fabric for Dress Making – Get it here


It is a simple dyeing technique which results in striped textiles in a huge variety of bright colours. This print is named after the pattern it forms, that is, waves, which is called Leheriya. Its technique involves tieing and folding of the cloth in a manner that the colour is applied only in a particular pattern.

Leheriya Tie & Dye Pure Cotton Dress Material
Leheriya Tie & Dye Pure Cotton Dress Material

Sanganeri print

Sanganeri print is a kind of block printing technique involves laying out the material on tables and then printing using blocks with intricate designs. The fabric is marked before to maintain the symmetry of design.

Sanganeri print dress material – Get it here

Bagru print

Bahru printing technique is laborious but produces exquisite results. It involves washing, hard dyeing, drying and other parts form the core of the printing process. Blocks are placed from left to right and slammed hard on the fabric. The fabric is dried afterwards. They are then washed and boiled and finally rinsed to get the final product.

Bagru Print Cotton Dress Material
Bagru Print Cotton Dress Material – Get it here

Dabu print

Dabu is a beautiful mud resist hand block printing technique. It survived the test of time with some difficulty and is a time-consuming printing technique involving many phases and a great amount of labor.

Dabu Print Fabric
Dabu Print Fabric for Dress Making – Get it here

Why Jaipuri print kurtis are everyone’s choice?

Jaipuri printed kurtis are every woman’s first choice, being versatile and decent. They add a splash of colour to every attire they are curated into. Due to their excellent quality, charming fabric and the fact that every single piece is hand-made, has a very high value. 

  1. Versatility at its best: Jaipuri kurti is available in a wide range of designs and prints that complement one’s style, whether it’s for a day at the office, a wedding or a casual day out with friends. 
  1. Comfortable Fashion: Jaipur kurtis are a double win. Always high on fashion, always high on comfort. These fabrics are available in a range of breathable materials like cotton, linen, and silk that are fresh and easy to wear. 
  1. Suits every budget: Jaipur kurtis is not only flexible in terms of the styles and fabrics that are available out there but also in terms of the price points that it comes in. You can stock your wardrobe with block prints, all you want, without burning a hole in your pockets. 
  1. Easy to Style: Jaipuri kurtis are easy to style because of the use of ubiquitous colors like indigo, brick red, white, etc in fabrics. Pair a hand-block printed piece with solid colors or add it to a monochrome look and you are good to go. 
  1. Both Traditional and modern: So much is the craze of Jaipuri kurtis that these are available in every style be it fusion fashion, modern or traditional. Jaipuri kurtis also offer contemporary prints and colors which hold onto the heritage yet befit modern times. 
  1. Brings out the essence of India’s culture: Jaipur kurtis beautifully reflect India’s rich culture and heritage through various motifs and patterns.

10 Jaipuri Kurti to suit every occasion

It is a must to have Jaipuri kurtis in a person’s wardrobe. The variety of styles and silhouettes that jaipuri kurtis have to offer are sure to spoil you for choice. Jaipuri kurtis are widely available in the market, in stores, exclusive stores and the latest rage, online shopping. If you too are looking to fill up your wardrobe with beautiful hand block prints, do check out our collection:

1. Short kurta

Short kurtis are the preferred choice of young girls or the girls who like to wear comfort clothes. You will fall in love with its unique style and it is a must-have in your wardrobe. Pair it with denims or trousers for the best look. 

Jaipur-Kurti-Women-short -Kurta
Source: myntra

2. Floor length kurta

This floor-length Kurti can be worn like a gown for a perfect look. Team this up with a gold belt around your waist to flaunt your curves and wear some dazzling drop earrings.

Floor length kurta
Source: myntra

3. Spaghetti kurta

With summers knocking in everyone craves for attires that are light on skin and breathy. Spaghetti Kurtis just like spaghetti tops and are a big hit for summer. 

Spaghetti kurta
Source: myntra

4. Anarkali kurta

Anarkali Kurtis is popular amongst the youth. Being fitted perfectly from the chest and flares down from the waist this style is one’s personal choice.

5. Kaftan Style

These are relaxed styles everyday wear kurta every woman loves to wear. This green Green Embroidered Mirror Work Kaftan Kurta will surely be your all time favorite.

Kaftan style Jaipuri kurti

6. Straight kurta

They are mostly preferred for office work. This Blue kurta with  Ethnic Motifs Printed Thread Work is simple as well as eye-catching to make you stand out with a decent look. 

Ethnic style straight kurta with thread work

7. Asymmetric kurta

Asymmetric kurta are favorites of school and college goers. This Libas orange and white bandhani print kurta with mandarin collar and hand block print will definitely enhance your ethnic look. 

Asymmetric jaipuri kurta

8. Angrakha kurta

These give a regal look as these were the common attire in royal courts. This traditional wear has won many hearts. They look perfect on any festive occasion no matter how light and simple these are. 

Angrakha kurta

9. Trail-style kurta

The trail cut Kurtis are very much in these days. They are very close to asymmetrical Kurtis but they are a little longer at the back. These are perfect for women of all ages. 

Trail-style kurta jaipuri kurta

10. Layered kurta

The overlay kurti is a fascinating new concept and pretty trending. This kurta overall gives a two-layer look making the outfit look elegant and a perfect outfit for festive occasions. 

Layered kurta

11. Tshirt style 

This beautiful fusion of Indian and western is a combination of a shirt and a kurta. One can wear it on both casual and formal occasions and pair it with palazzo, churidar, trousers and denim. 

Bagru Hnad Block Pure Cotton Printed Kurta

12. Kurti with sharara

Everyone must own a sharara set in their wardrobe as this outfit gives a classy yet stylish look. This jaipuri kurti with sharara is a perfect buy if you still have none in your wardrobe. 

 jaipuri kurti with sharara

13. Front slit

Front slits are always the pick when someone wants to wear something trendy and fashionable. This front slit kurti in jaipuri print is sure to make a style statement. 

Layered Thread Work Pure Cotton Kurta

Let us know your choice of Jaipuri kurti! No matter what the occasion is, Jaipuri Kurtis tend to present that magnificent look that you deserve while wearing it. 

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