AI to update new districts in Jan Aadhaar

AI to update new districts in Jan Aadhaar

New districts and blocks will soon be updated in Jan Aadhaar through AI technology, there will be no need to apply for change in addresses.


The government has recently introduced new districts and blocks in the state. Now there will be no need for Jan Aadhaar cardholders to request address corrections. The AI technology will automatically update address changes for the new areas in the Jan Aadhaar system, as per the recent announcement.

According to joint director of the Jan Aadhar Authority Sitaram Swaroop, “We are creating a database of the newly formed districts and blocks. The database would be mapped into the system through artificial intelligence.” 

During the process of updating the division information, authorities are effectively revising the names of districts or blocks within panchayats and adjusting ward numbers wherever necessary.

The required modifications in district and block names on Jan Aadhaar will be carried out by the AI technology, identifying the village panchayat name (for rural regions) and ward numbers (for urban areas) as stated in the cardholders’ Jan Aadhaar records.

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