Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur Airport in top-10 across the country

Jaipur International Airport has reached 10th place in the list of busiest airports in the country with increased movement of flights.


Jaipur International Airport has reached 10th place in the list of busiest airports in the country in terms of flight operations. Jaipur has also left behind Goa Airport for the first time in terms of flight operations. In fact, the airport is witnessing a relatively good increase in both passenger load and flight operations.

In the list of the busiest airports of the country, Jaipur Airport has been ranked 10th in the country in January 2024 in terms of flight operations, according to the data released by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation. In flight operations, Jaipur Airport has not only been ahead of its peer airports like Lucknow and Guwahati but also, for the first time, ahead of Goa’s Dabolim International Airport.

A major reason for this is that with the opening of Goa North Airport in Mopa, the passenger load has been divided. On an average, 64 flights have been operated daily from Jaipur Airport in the month of January. At the same time, on an average 17 thousand passengers travel by air every day.

The passenger load from Jaipur Airport in January has been more than 5 lakh, but it is less as compared to December 2023. In December 2023, 5.19 lakh passengers traveled from Jaipur Airport. Whereas in January the number of passengers was around 5.5 lakh. That means the number of passengers has decreased by about 14 thousand.

How many planes transit from which airport?

  • Delhi IGI International Airport – 36362
  • Mumbai CSMI Airport – 28275
  • Bangalore Airport – 21189
  • Hyderabad Airport – 15308
  • Chennai Airport – 12436
  • Kolkata Airport – 11501
  • Ahmedabad Airport – 7926
  • Cochin Airport – 5836
  • Pune Airport- 5302
  • Jaipur Airport – 3997
  • Goa Airport – 3726
  • Guwahati Airport – 3659
  • Lucknow Airport- 3626

Passenger load in January 2024

  • 50 thousand 4610 passengers traveled from Jaipur Airport.
  • Jaipur Airport stood at 12th position in terms of passenger load.
  • Passenger load was less from Lucknow and more from Guwahati.
  • The passenger load at Jaipur airport was less than that of Goa.
  • Jaipur had the highest number of passengers for Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore in January.
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