Weather report: Heavy rains and hailstorm lash in Jaipur

Weather report: Heavy rains and hailstorm lash in Jaipur


A thunderstorm accompanied by rains and hailstorm lashed in several parts of Jaipur and nearby cities including Tonk, Ganganagar, and Kota on Tuesday evening in the state.

Strong winds at 60 km speed, uprooted the trees and caused several pillars to fall. The walls collapsed and tent flew away with  5.7 mm of rainfall in Jaipur. Where people got relief from the heat by the rain, the farmers faced the problem of crop damage. Several more casualties were reported due to lightning.
In Jaipur, trees fell on 20 places and the walls and ceilings fell on 8 places. Wind speed in the state was 50 to 60 km per hour. Udaipur recorded 26.5 mm, Chittorgarh and Rajsamand 20 mm, and Jaipur 5.7 mm rainfall.

Shiva Ganesh, director of the meteorological department said, there was the presence of hot winds in the upper atmosphere. The air from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal created the instability in the atmosphere and there was a sudden change in the weather. Rain has been caused due to the moisture content of the wind.

In Jaipur, there was a decrease in temperature due to the dusty wind in the night, cloudy weather and rainfall. At seven o’clock in the morning, where the temperature was approaching from 36 to 38 degrees, it slipped to 32 degrees.

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