Midnight food delivery market growing in Jaipur

Midnight food delivery market growing in Jaipur

Craze of late night food ordering is growing in Jaipur, the city wakes up all the night with growth in midnight food delivery facilities.


The effect of changing lifestyle in Jaipur capital is visible in the food habits. Be it those who work in the office till late night or the students who stay awake at home and study, their demand for late-night food is increasing. Earlier there was only takeaway facility late at night, but now there are more than 20 such restaurants and hotels in the city which are delivering food till midnight. 

Hotels and restaurants of Jaipur are getting more than 300 late-night food orders. Plus, the nightlife and club culture craze is also there among the people of Jaipur. Delivery boys are also seen running on the roads late at night. 

According to a cafe operator, “On an average, I get 20 orders for night delivery. Some people are becoming a part of this trend out of curiosity. At the same time, many people have to remain active all night. In such a situation, they also order food to avoid sleep. This is the new pastime for the youth. Momos, burgers, and sandwiches are in demand.”

Another cafe operator added that 10 to 12 orders are coming for night food delivery. Most orders received are cold coffee, Pizza and noodles. People also believe that they feel more hungry late at night. The trend of parties on weekends has also increased in the city. The food is also ordered for late night parties. 

As per a delivery boy, “As many orders are received during the day, more are received at night than that in only 5 hours. The tip is also good for late night food delivery. People are now giving late night orders for chips, cookies, cold drinks, even water bottles. The goods are also delivered in a short time due to the specially vacant roads.”

Those who order late at night said they usually work or study at night hours. For this they keep ordering food items late at night whenever they feel hungry and to keep doing the activity without getting asleep. 

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