Two groups clashed late night in Jaipur, tension in the area

Two groups clashed late night in Jaipur, tension in the area


Tension spreads in the Galta Gate police station area due to the confrontation between a group of youths of the two communities in Jaipur late on Sunday night.

The culprits fled from the spot after the tension spread. During this, a group of culprits reached Subhash Chowk station area and started beating the sugarcane shop’s shopkeeper and threatened him to close the shop.

After the news of the dispute, the police reached the spot and tried to restore the peace between both the locals. The police remained engaged till midnight due to the quarrel and investigating the matter. Three youths were found injured in this whole incident and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

According to the information, the youth of two communities came face-to-face at the Gate Gate police station area outside Gangapur Gate. There was stone-throwing and laathi war between the two groups. Seeing the matter getting serious, someone reported to the police control room. It was informed that some youths with bikes have attacked with weapons and are creating violence in the Gangapur Gate area. Receiving the information, the police of Subhash Chowk, Ramganj, Manak Chowk, Galata Gate, and Brahmapuri police reached the spot soon.

One group is being suspected of Subhash Chowk and the other one is of Dungari area. Further investigation is going on.

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