Bageshwar Dham Sarkar In Jaipur

Three-day court of Bageshwar Dham govt. will be organized in Jaipur

Three-day program of Bageshwar Dham Govt. in Jaipur from May 30 to June 1; Pt. Dhirendra Shastri will narrate Hanuman Katha and will listen to the devotee's requests.


A three-day program of Bageshwar Dham Government will be organized in Jaipur from May 30 to June 1 under the aegis of Hanuman Gram Seva Samiti. It will be organized at JDA Scheme, Lalchandpura Niwaru Road. 

In this three-day program, Peethadhishwar of Bageshwar Dham Pt. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, Bageshwardham Government will narrate three-day Hanuman Katha to the Hanuman devotees.

According to Organizer Sitaram Yadav, “Before the start of the program, a grand Kalshayatra will be taken out on May 29 at 8 am. Kalshayatra will be welcomed by showering flowers at many places on the route. Flowers will also be showered from the sky on Kailash Yatra by helicopter.

Claiming that lakhs of men and women will participate in the Kalash Yatra, the organizers have expressed the possibility of lakhs of men and women participating in the Kalash Yatra. In Kalash Yatra, while women will go to the Yagya place with Kalash on their heads singing auspicious songs, men will have quinces wrapped in red cloth in their hands and will go to the Yagya place and apply for fulfillment of their wishes.

This program will be organized in the presence of Peethadhishwar Swami Saurabh Raghavendracharya Maharaj of Raghunath Dham Jaipur at JDA Scheme, Lalchandpura Niwaru Road.

108 reception gates will be built from the airport to the venue

The Bageshwardham government will be brought from the airport to the venue with flowers showered on it. Thousands of people will drive in their vehicles waving the saffron flag in their hands and cheering Balaji. From the airport to the venue, 108 grand receptions will be organized at various places in the city. Maharaj will be welcomed with flowers and cheers at every place.

Shri Ram Mahayagya will start with the worship of Maharaj.

During this huge event, 108 Kundiya Shri Ram Mahayagya will also be held. The Yagya will be performed after the worship of Pt. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, the Peethadhishwar of Shri Ganesh Bageshwar Dham. In this Mahayagya, three pairs of guests will sit on a pond.

Claim of lakhs of people reaching the divine court

During the program itself, a one-day Divine Darbar will also be organized in which all kinds of problems of the devotees will be resolved through a slip by the Bageshwardham government. Vehicle parking arrangements will be made 5 kilometers before the Darbar site for the devotees coming to the Divine Darbar. All other facilities including cold water will be provided to the devotees by the committee.

A team of workers is being formed

To give grandeur to the program, a team of about 10 thousand workers is being formed. To ensure smooth arrangements for the workers in the programme, arrangements for their accommodation, food and drink will be made at the venue itself. For this, a big tent city will be built in which the workers can rest and eat.

Cooperation from religious, social and business organizations

All the religious, social and business organizations of Jaipur city are cooperating to make this event successful. There is immense enthusiasm for this event among all the religious lovers, institutions, sages, saints, and abbots of the city. To make the program grand, talks are also going on with world class motivational speakers and bhajan singers. There is a possibility of 10 lakh people participating in the program every day who will come from all over the country to have Baba’s darshan.

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