Rajasthan reopen schools and colleges

Standard Operating Procedure for opening schools issued

New rules for the opening of government and private schools have been issued by the Education Department with strict SOP. Schools will open from September 1.

Corona News Update News

After a long wait, schools in Rajasthan are going to open again from September 1. In the initial phase, only children from class 9th to class 12th will be able to attend schools. For this, a list of rules has been prepared and issued by the Education Department.

Preparations have been begun for opening private and government schools in Jaipur. Schools have taken written permission from the parents of the students to admit them in schools. The school will be started in two shifts, students will get entry in the class on the basis of odd-even, their lunchtimes will also vary.  The transport system will also be closed in most of the schools. 

According to Rajasthan’s Director of Secondary Education Saurabh Swamy, “Approval has been sought from the government as well as the parents. The Education Department has issued an SOP which has to be followed strictly otherwise action will be taken for violating this. To avoid getting an infection, both school teachers and parents should cooperate.”

Seminars for safety will be held

Director of Rawat Public School, Narendra Singh Rawat said, “This phase has taught us a lot. Given this, we will organize weekly seminars for school students by the subject experts to teach them Corona Appropriate Behavior. Along with this, they will also be given information about how to deal with any situation so that the child can avoid the risk of infection in future. This will also help them if there is a lockdown again in future to continue with self-study even at home.

Rules to be followed

  • Students will have to maintain physical distance and keep at least a distance of two yards between each other. Everyone has to keep their sanitiser with them.
  • Students will be provided with an open space for lunch. They will not be allowed to have lunch together. They will have to bring their lunch and water bottles from home. If not brought, pure water will have to be given from the school but they are not allowed to share with anyone.
  • Students and teachers are mandatory to use face masks. It will be the teacher’s duty to be present at the entry and exit of the school, to check whether the students are wearing the mask.
  • There will be no prayer meeting.
  • Sports activities will also be banned.
  • Students will not be allowed to exchange pens, copies, pencils.
  • Roaming around the school premises unnecessarily will not be allowed.
  • Students having a cold, cough, or fever will not be allowed to come to school. 
  • The students will only sit on the seat allotted to them. If three students are sitting at the same table, then the middle seat should remain vacant.
  • Students who are not able to come to school will be provided online study material.
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