Ropeway at Samod Veer Hanuman temple launched

Ropeway at Samod Veer Hanuman temple launched


Jaipurites and tourists have to no longer climb 848 stairs to visit the temple mounted on Samod hills. The ropeway service has been finally launched at Veer Hanuman Temple in Samod near Jaipur on Friday.

The ropeway will be particularly helpful to elderly people. It took three years to build at a cost of nearly Rs 5.5 crore. This is the fourth ropeway in the state.

The ropeway will be operated by an automatic sensor system. Each trolly will be able to accommodate nine people at a time. Four towers have been set up each having three trolleys which will carry 27 people in one go. The ropeway will cover 400 meters of the distance in about 5 minutes. It has affordable booking prices upto Rs 60 per person.

The ropeway project was constructed by a Kolkata-based Conveyor and Ropeway Service Private Limited.

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