Rajasthan Unlocked: New guidelines released by state government

Corona News Update News

With the reduction in Corona cases, the Rajasthan Government. The state government has issued the three-tier public discipline guidelines 4.0. The guidelines will be applicable from 5 am on Sunday. First dose of vaccination mandatory to operate.

As per the new guidelines, the weekend curfew has been lifted, now, there will be a curfew from 11 pm to 5 am only. All exhibition, auditorium and skill development centers will be able to open with 50% capacity. All the religious places will be allowed to open from 6 am to 8 pm.

Cinema Hall, Theatres, Multiplexes will now open

Cinema and multiplexes will open with 50% capacity. Update The Information Related To Seating Capacity On The Web Portal Created By DOIT.

Market opening time extended 

Markets will open for seven days from today till 8 pm, Only businesses and markets with 60% staff who have received the first dose of the vaccine will be allowed to open for additional hours without restrictions.

Restaurants will now be able to do home delivery 24 hours a day

Restaurants will now be able to do 24 hours home delivery or take away facilities. Restaurants will also be able to operate with 50% seating capacity. The seating time will remain the same till 4 o’clock. While the restaurants where 60% of the staff has taken the first dose, will be able to run till 10 pm.

City buses will be able to operate till 10 pm

The operation time of city buses has been extended. Now, the city buses will be able to operate from 6 am to 10 pm. Travelling in buses in a standing position will not be allowed.

Withdrawal of procession is not allowed

50 guests and 15 vendors are allowed in weddings, 15 other people including confectioners, catering, band and DJ will be allowed. Taking out a procession on the road will not be allowed, DJ and band will be allowed to play in the wedding venue premises, only with people who have received the first dose of the vaccine. 

The concerned department should be informed

Marriage Garden, Marriage Halls and Hotel Complex will be allowed for the wedding ceremony from 6 am to 8 pm, with a condition of informing the concerned portal or 181. On receipt of information regarding the marriage by the organizer, the Sub-divisional Magistrate should send any government employee to the wedding venue to assess the condition to permit for performing the ceremony.

RTPCR test report not mandatory

Travellers coming from outside the state, who have received the first dose of the vaccine, will not be required to show the RT-PCR negative test report before coming to Rajasthan. Also, Home/Institutional Quarantine is not required before coming to Rajasthan. While regular thermal screening and checking of oxygen saturation will still be done for passengers coming from outside the state.

Film Shooting

Activities related to tourism/film shooting in isolation zones will be permitted in resorts/hotel complexes, etc., which have an area of ​​7500 square meters or more and have at least 25 rooms for guests to stay.

These are still not allowed 

Organizing any public, social, political, entertainment, Educational, Cultural And Religious event or procession is still not allowed. Coaching institutions, libraries etc. will remain closed. For these, the orders issued earlier by the department will remain the same.

Along with this, thermal screening, the essentiality of masks and other covid friendly disciplines will have to be taken care of. Information regarding the percentage of staff who have been vaccinated will need to be displayed. If anyone found violating the covid protocol, action will be ensured as per rules.

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