Rajasthan Tourism Department Five promotional films

Rajasthan Tourism Department launched five promotional films

Culture of Rajasthan will reach the country and abroad. The Tourism Department of Rajasthan launched 5 promotional films, tourism will get a boost.


Created by Rajasthan Tourism Department Five promotional films were inaugurated today by Minister Vishvendra Singh at Rajasthan International Center in Jaipur. These films have been made to promote tourism branding of the state in domestic and foreign markets. 

The film re-lives the erstwhile royal life through majestic forts and palaces, fairs and folk culture festivals, while the tourism minister informed that in recent years, the Rajasthan government has given a major boost to the tourism sector in the state. Many efforts have been made to support and strengthen it. 

The Tourism Minister unveiled five promotional films made by Rajasthan Tourism Department through renowned film production house M/s Excel Entertainment, Mumbai.

The state government’s tourism policy has fostered the creation of fresh tourism routes, extending the scope of both conventional and innovative tourism to various regions within the state. The promotional films are an endeavor to connect with prospective travelers, both domestic and international, as part of this initiative.

The films are an outcome of meticulous planning and execution by the Rajasthan Tourism Department, aiming to exhibit the vibrant living heritage of the state. As part of their comprehensive approach, the department is actively promoting Rajasthan in both domestic and international markets, and these films are considered a significant milestone in their efforts to achieve this goal.

Rajasthan boasts natural and cultural beauty 

Rajasthan offers tremendous tourism opportunities due to its unique geographical conditions, diverse forests, deserts, and captivating natural and cultural beauty, making it stand apart from other states in the country. While foreign tourists used to frequent Rajasthan in the past, there has been a notable rise in domestic tourism as well, further contributing to the state’s appeal as a sought-after destination.

The State Tourism Department has produced these films with the aim of capturing the essence of Rajasthan’s rich heritage and conveying the hospitable nature of the state. The films take viewers on an immersive journey, showcasing the grand forts, palaces, and the royal lifestyle of the past, while also portraying the lives of common people through street fairs and folk festivals. Through stunning visuals of Rajasthan’s picturesque landscapes, magnificent architecture, and vibrant cultural heritage, these films are designed to inspire the audience to visit and experience the beauty of Rajasthan themselves.

One life is not enough to feel the color of Rajasthan 

During the event, Chief Secretary Usha Sharma expressed her admiration for Rajasthan’s vibrant offerings, stating that one lifetime is insufficient to fully experience its diverse colors, ranging from adventure and royalty to festivals and cuisine. She highlighted that Rajasthan stands as the most favored tourist destination in the country. The Tourism Department has undertaken various promotional campaigns to boost tourism in the state. Notably, Rajasthan is among the few states that have recognized tourism as an industry, attracting a significant influx of investors during the Invest Rajasthan Summit.

Launch new film tourism promotion policy

Gayatri Rathod, the Principal Secretary of Tourism, announced the launch of a new film tourism promotion policy in Rajasthan. Under this policy, subsidies will be provided to support film shooting in the state. Additionally, filmmakers will be exempt from all fees and levies associated with filming at government-owned monuments, places, and properties. The policy also streamlines the process by offering a single window system for obtaining permissions and necessary facilities for film production in Rajasthan.

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