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Rajasthan ranks first in the country in Smart City ranking

Rajasthan at number one in Smart City ranking, scoring 90.40 out of 140; inspection done on the basis of work, tender, fund and utilization.


Rajasthan has come first in the ranking of smart cities. The state-wise ranking has been released after reviewing the ongoing Smart City work in 100 cities across the country. Rajasthan has got a total of 90.40 marks in this. 

Rajasthan ranked first in the ranking released by the Union Ministry of Urban Development. This inspection was performed on many points before releasing the ranking results. Ranking was based on points such as how many projects started in the cities, out of which work was completed on many projects. How much fund has been used so far? Etc.

Rajasthan has got 90.40 marks out of 140 this time. Based on this, it has come at number one in the country. On the other hand, Jharkhand has come second in the ranking, scoring 88.73 marks.

Jaipur, Udaipur came among top 10 in the Smart City Ranking

Earlier, the ministry had released the ranking of 100 smart cities. In this ranking, two cities of Rajasthan have come in the top 10 with Udaipur at number 9, while Jaipur at number 10. Apart from Udaipur and Jaipur, Kota is ranked 14th and Ajmer is 22nd.

These rankings were issued by the ministry every month on the basis of 9-point analysis including tenders held in smart cities, status of projects on the spot, fund utilization, etc. Earlier in July 2020 also Rajasthan scored the first position.

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