dhuvrapadacharya pandit laxman bhatt tailang of jaipur

Padmashree to 4 celebrities of Rajasthan

Four celebrities from Rajasthan, Dhuvrapadacharya Pandit Laxman Bhatt Tailang, Ustad Ali-Ghani, Janaki Lal of Bhilwara, and Maya Tandon announced Padmashree.


The Padmashree awards were announced on the eve of 26 January. Four celebrities from Rajasthan are included in the 34 names from across the country. In the field of art, 93-year-old Dhuvrapadacharya Pandit Laxman Bhatt Tailang of Jaipur, Mand singer Ali Mohammad-Gani Mohammad of Bikaner, impersonator Janaki Lal of Bhilwara and Maya Tandon in the field of social service have been selected for this award. 

Dhruvapadacharya Pandit Laxman Bhatt Tailang

Dhruvapadacharya Pandit Laxman Bhatt Tailang’s entire life was spent in the passion of singing. He provided intensive music education to his son Ravi Shankar and daughters Shobha, Usha, Nisha, Madhu, Poonam and Aarti and made them proficient in different genres. In the year 1928, Pandit Laxman Bhatt was born in the house of Pandit Gokul Chandra Bhatt. Pandit Gokul Chandra Bhatt has been a pioneer singer of Dhrupad Sankirtan Haveli Sangeet. Laxman Bhatt Tailang’s daughter is the famous first female Dhrupad singer of Rajasthan. 

Maya Tandon

Maya Tandon of Jaipur has been awarded the Padma Shri in the field of social service. She is the retired superintendent of JK Lawn Hospital. She started an NGO on emergency medical care named Sahayata 28 years ago. Under this, they make people aware about road safety. Provides training to people regarding emergency medical care. A team of SMS doctors and many RAS officers are associated with her for this work. She has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from SMS Hospital.

Ustad Ali-Ghani from Tejrasar village of Bikaner

Ustad Ali-Ghani are a pair of two brothers living in Tejrasar village of Bikaner. He has brought Mand singing along with Ghazal music to a respectable place on the national and international level in the style of easy music. Along with composing memorable music for India’s famous ghazal singers, he has also composed music for many films. The duo has also composed famous ghazals for Pankaj Udhas, Manhar Udhas, Anoop Jalota, Roopkumar Rathod.

Janaki Lal of Bhilwara, a well-known impersonator

83 year old Janaki Lal is a well-known artist of impersonation. He has inherited the art of impersonation. His grandfather Kalulal and father Hazari Lal used to perform this art and this was also the source of livelihood for the family. Janaki Lal has been performing the art of impersonation by wearing different types of costumes for the last 65 years. He entertains people by impersonating Gadolia Luhar, Kalbeliya, Kabuli Pathan, Irani, Fakir, King, Narad, Lord Bholenath, Mata Parvati, Sadhu, bride and groom, and others. He also speaks Mewari, Rajasthani, Punjabi and Pathani languages ​​fluently.

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