supreme court on crackers

‘No Crackers’ order issued in Jaipur, action will be taken for burning fireworks


On the occasion of Diwali and considering various hazards of burning firecrackers, an order of Supreme Court on crackers has issued to ban the firecrackers. District Collector of Jaipur Jagroop Singh Yadav has issued an order directing that no crackers should be used from 10 pm to 6 am during Diwali. The use of firecrackers is prohibited at restricted times and in silent zones.

Order of supreme court on crackers

As per the supreme court on crackers, clearance of the concerned local body and prior approval of the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate or Deputy Commissioner of Police is required for using highly polluting and sound amplifying fireworks in public places and various social and cultural occasions. Oy the use of green crackers will be allowed on these occasions. If any organizer or person is found violating this order without permission, strict action will be taken against him.

supreme court on crackers
Supreme Court On Crackers

District Collector Yadav has appealed to all citizens to avoid using firecrackers and firecrackers that spread noise and air pollution on various social and cultural occasions in the view of the prescribed provisions. In case of excessive need, people can make minimal use of low emission firecrackers for fireworks that too in a responsible manner.

He said that it is often seen that on the occasion of various festivals and other social celebrations, excessive pollutive and sound amplifying, firecrackers are used. This not only causes noise pollution but also increases the excessive amount of air pollution. Fireworks have adverse effects on the health of humans and animals and birds as well as sick and asthmatic people. They have to face extreme hardship. Students with competitive examinations are also affected due to this.

Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board has written a letter to all district collectors for noise monitoring and air probation during the Diwali festival in the state. Noise and Air probation levels will be checked on 21st October to prevent the air and noise pollution levels in the city.

Use Green Firecrackers

Apart from this, Green Firecrackers or low-emission firecrackers are now available in the markets of Jaipur. This is due to the fear of a ban on regular firecrackers. Most people are not aware of their impact on the environment.

use green crackers on diwali 2019
Green Crackers

Though green crackers will have both sound and light, they are less polluting than regular ones. There will be a unique logo on the boxes of green crackers. This will help people identify whether these are low-emission green crackers or the regular highly polluting ones. The green cracker boxes will also have QR codes which will have production and emission testing details. The crackers can be identified by CSIR, The NEERI Logo on the box. The regular ones have a logo of the lion on them

According to shopkeepers, people are still unaware of the importance of green firecrackers. The green crackers claim to lessen the noise and air pollution up to 30 to 40%. These are 10% costlier than the regular firecrackers. The government should spread awareness for these Green Firecrackers if they want regular firecrackers to be avoided completely.