Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT-Jaipur)

MNIT Jaipur: 10 Things that make MNIT Jaipur the best


Jaipur is popular all across the globe for the rapid growth of its high-technology sector and the pace with which it is developing. Think of any field and you will certainly find that Jaipur is making an active foothold and has forged outstanding progress. One of the foremost reasons for such development is that Jaipur continuously churns out highly witted and expert engineers from the top engineering colleges in Jaipur including MNIT Jaipur.

Engineering is now the most preferred degree by the graduates to get lucrative salaries. Jaipur keeps on nurturing an enormous pool of engineers with stupendous technical skills. Engineering colleges in Jaipur have all the crucial features in place which never fail to impress the engineering aspirants to pursue from here. Amid the top engineering colleges in Jaipur, Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) enjoys a special and top-notch stature. 

Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur

Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) is the best engineering college in Jaipur and it has secured the fourth position among top NITs in India. MNIT Jaipur is houses in Malviya Nagar of Jaipur which is located in the heart of the city. The college is spread over an area of 320 acres and consists of a lot of facilities. Jaipur owns this NIT for the last 50 years and carries out all the Rajasthan state government research work here. This gives you good exposure to the research. MNIT has significance all over India being recognized by MHRD. Alongside this, five of its branches have accreditation of the NBA. Here are the 10 best things about MNIT Jaipur.


It is in the best city in Rajasthan. Jaipur is one of the best cities in North India when it comes to education. Being the capital city, Jaipur is a fusion of tradition and modern facilities that fulfill every aspect. It is the most cultural city with people of diverse cultures. Hence, the more diversity, the better exposure you have. Moreover, Jaipur being an education hub and host to many top IT companies is the best location for MNIT Jaipur.


MNIT Jaipur has one of the most beautiful infrastructures among all the NITs in India. They offer the best facilities like hostels, academic complex, internet, sports, library etc. The campus is full of greenery and is one of the most beautiful campuses present in India. To add to the beauty of this campus there is Jhalans mountain range surrounding it. They house the Vivekananda Lecture Theatre Complex(VLTC) which is Asia’s largest lecture theatre. This theatre has lifts equipped inside and contains an indoor games club and fully air-conditioned classroom with world-class infrastructure. 


Researches and start-ups are most welcomed here. There is not much academic pressure which allows you to pursue whatever you want with full freedom. MNIT Jaipur is a perfect place for an introvert and peace lover who is looking to explore himself and stay away from the crowd. There are clubs for almost everything. They also run an NGO named HOPE. 


They have a ragging free campus with a strong student-alumni network. The seniors are indeed very helpful. Additionally, the campus encompasses a big library, a cricket playground, a football playground, 3 volleyball courts, 2 basketball courts, Badminton courts and also a well-maintained gym. Also, there are two banks, ICICI and SBI and the ATMs of the same banks, dispensary with ambulance, Amul parlour and Post office as well.

A high rated computer centre 

They inherit one of the best computer and data centres in all IIT and NIT across India. No other centre even the IITs can be compared to the level of computer centre of MNIT Jaipur. It remains open 24 hrs and all systems are well equipped with all software you need. They also provide well-equipped labs and workshops.


They provide a good hostel environment and Mess food. In the first year, you will be given a three-seater hostel room. While in second-year single rooms are provided. The hostel has a common room with a TT table and LED TVs. Some hostels are connected with WiFi and some with LAN. The high speed lets you download all your stuff in just a matter of minutes. 


They provide good quality mess food. The fees of the mess food is however a little bit higher than other colleges. The campus also has a canteen Annapurna for having your lunch or snack when you become bored from the mess food. Also, you can chill out at Thadi nearby when late-night hunger strikes. They serve you awesome Maggi, Chaka Chaka and Milk.


In terms of placement, they provide good opportunities for all the branches. They have good placement percentages but among all the branches, CS is best of all. This is because every year it gets the highest placement from the college of approximately 40lacks. Also, Jaipur is home to many top software and development companies which is another plus point as per the placement companies approach. 

Good events and fest

MNIT arranges several events and fest. To name a few are youthfest, technical(sphinx) and cultural (blitzslag). These fests are popular to increase the learning of soft skills. The college celebrate these fests at national levels. They last for 3 days full of fun and enjoyment. They invite and host many top celebrities in their fests to keep their students entertained. 


MNIT Jaipur is nestles in the heart of the city. As a result, this place is near to the major hangout places like WTP, GT, Satkar and MI road. These places are at walking distance while CCD is just in the front. You can see a pizza delivery man almost every day inside the campus. Its connectivity to the Airport and Railway station adds to its best features. 

To sum up, MNIT Jaipur is the best educational institution in India and comprises enough resources to carve your technical and social aptitudes. Encompassing outstanding infrastructure, revolutionary teaching standards, experienced and expert teaching faculties, excellent placement opportunities, research prospects and a lot more makes MNIT the top engineering colleges in Jaipur. So you definitely should be a part of mnunitaipur and consider yourself lucky to start your career journey with it.

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