Ashok Gehlot

Major bureaucratic reshuffle in the Rajasthan before the announcement of budget


Many IPS and IAS transferred and redesignated in Rajasthan government on Sunday. The Ashok Gehlot Govt of Rajasthan transferred 36 IPS and 7 IAS officers late at night in a big administrative reshuffle. The government has also changed the SP of 4 districts. Along with this, the collectors of 2 districts were also changed.

Two transfer lists have been issued in a single day, the Gehlot government has done a large-scale administrative surgery by issuing two large transfer lists. Actually, there was speculation about a change in bureaucracy only after the Gram Panchayat elections in the state. Transfer lists were churned many times at the Chief Minister level. As soon as the Chief Minister received the green signal, the transferred list of IAS and IPS officers was released by the State Personnel Department.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was said to be unhappy with the working of officers. This is the reason why large scale transfers of IAS and IPS have been done in a single day. After a large-scale administrative surgery, the Chief Minister now wants work from officers. Those officers who do not meet the scale of the government will be removed from their important responsibilities.

You can see the full transfer list here in the link below: