Lumpy infected cow

Lumpy virus reached Jaipur, Is cow milk safe now?

164 cows infected in Hingonia Gaushala of Jaipur: disease spread in several districts, more than 5 thousand deaths so far. Know how safe is cow milk.


Lumpy virus has now spread to cows and buffaloes in 17 districts of Rajasthan. More than 5 thousand cows have died. These include the capital Jaipur district as well as Ajmer, Udaipur, Kuchaman City (Animal Husbandry District), Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and Churu.

In Jaipur, the Lumpy infected cows have been kept separately in Hingonia Gaushala where they are being served and treated. Lumps and blisters spread all over the body of the infected cow. In Hingonia Gaushala, the cases are around 164 whereas there are 282 infected cows all across the Jaipur district. Of these, 9 have died. 236 are being treated, out of which 108 cows have recovered.

The death toll due to Lumpi virus in the cows of Rajasthan has increased by more than 5 thousand. Given this, the Animal Husbandry Minister has directed to ban the transportation of animals for the next one month. Also, a ban will be imposed on cattle fairs in the affected districts. A report has been sought from all the district collectors and orders can be issued soon.

What are the symptoms?

If any animal is infected with this virus, then symptoms start showing in 7 days. After getting infected, the animal gets a fever and also stops eating and drinking. Their legs get swollen, their skin gets boils, then soon their blood and later the milk is affected. It is not detected for 7 days and by then many animals get infected by coming in contact with the infected animal. The virus is so dangerous that cows dies within 15 days of infection.

How does it spread?

Flies and mosquitoes are the major reason for spreading the virus from one animal to another. When the virus spreads in an animal, first soft lumps are formed all over the body that slowly starts bursting. The flies and mosquitoes start sitting on these wounds and also sit on other animals that too get infected.

What can be done?

If a cow-buffalo is having boils. Keep the sick animal isolated. Keep the environment clean and make sure there are no flies or mosquitos. Do not allow the movement of other animals and outsiders. Apart from this, if any cow or buffalo dies due to lumpi, then they should be kept absolutely in the open. Don’t leave them, instead dig a deep pit and bury them. Disinfect any objects and places that have come in contact with the infected animal.

How safe is the milk of sick cows for humans?

After the lumpy virus becomes uncontrollable, there are questions in everyone’s mind: what if a person drinks the milk of a cow infected with lumpi? According to the study by experts, as of now, there is no case of effect on humans revealed by drinking the milk of an animal infected with the Lumpy virus.

Still, as a precautionary measure, use milk only after boiling it. On heating, this virus is destroyed. It dies even at 37 degrees centigrade. Pasteurized and dairy milk is safe. Also, there is such an acid in the human body, which itself kills such viruses. However, humans can also be affected by coming in direct contact with a sick animal.

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