Covid vaccine ‘Covaxin’ reached Jaipur amidst festival-like celebration


The first consignment of the corona vaccine arrived from Hyderabad on Wednesday morning at Sanganer airport at around 11 am with all the security arrangements. The second consignment arrived in the evening from Pune. The vaccines were taken to the state storage centre under tight security and were kept in store after worship and chanting.

Ahead of launching the drive from 16 January, the first consignment of 20000 vaccines from Bharat Biotech Company to prevent global epidemic corona reached Jaipur. Also, 4 lac 43 thousand doses and more than 1 lac Covishield from the Serum Institute in Pune reached Jaipur by evening. The vaccines were welcomed like a big celebration of a festival. 

During this time other medical officers from SDSM were present at the airport. From here the vaccine was taken directly to the CMHO Office at Sethi Colony where the corona vaccine was duly worshiped. After this the vaccine was placed in the special cold storage made here. In the meantime, office workers and locals danced on drums in the joy of vaccine arrival. Earlier, The CMHO office was sanitized as part of the preparations for the vaccine.

The Jaipur police escorted the vaccine to the drug store center in a police escort from Terminal-1. The vaccine will be supplied from this center to 229 vaccination centers in Jaipur district. Apart from Jaipur, vaccine consignments will be sent to other districts as well. Currently, this vaccine has been delivered in three districts of air connectivity in the state, Jaipur, Udaipur And Jodhpur. 

In Jaipur, so far 59,600 health workers have been registered on the Co-Win app, who will be vaccinated. There are 84 vaccination centers in Jaipur and 145 in rural areas.

There is a four walk-in coolers of 24 thousand liters capacity

where the vaccine is stored. It has a system of controlling the temperature between 2 degree to 8 degree so that the vaccine remains safe. At the same time, the automatic generator installed in it will start in case of power cut off.

Apart from this, 120 number of Ice Lined Refrigerators (ILRs) have also been sent by the Central Government. These ILRs will, if needed, be sent to vaccination centers built at the Primary Health Center (PHC), Community Health Center (CHC) of the district or zone.

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