Rope-way to Khole ke Hanumanji temple in Jaipur

Khole ke Hanumanji ropeway starts from today, details inside

Rajasthan's first automatic rope-way, from Khole Hanumanji to Vaishno Devi temple starts from today in Jaipur; know the timings and tickets.


The ropeway built at Khole ke Hanumanji temple in Jaipur will start for tourists from today. Governor Kalraj Mishra inaugurated it today. This 436 meter long ropeway from Annapurna Mata Temple to Vaishno Mata Temple situated on the hill has been built at a cost of Rs 18 crore. The height of this ropeway, operated on five towers, is 85 meters.

It will take 4.30 minutes to reach Vaishno Mata temple,

Currently devotees have to climb 121 steep stairs. The elderly, children and disabled people face difficulty in reaching Vaishno Devi temple. With the start of this automatic ropeway, devotees will reach Vaishno Devi temple from Hanumanji temple of Khole in just 4.30 minutes.   

Human trial was successful, got a safety certificate

According to Kailash Khandelwal, Director of ROK Innovation, the company which constructed and maintains Khole ke Hanuman Ji Ropeway, “Preparations have been completed from our side. First, the trial was conducted for 5 hours a day by placing 480 kg weight in the trolleys of the ropeway. After this, daily human trials were started from September 15, which were successful. PWD officials have issued the safety certificate after examining the safety and capacity of the ropeway. The team will check the safety and efficiency of the ropeway every three months. Registration will have to be renewed in one year.

Beautiful view of the Hanumanji temple at night 

The rope-way will be operated from 9 am to 9 pm. To enhance its grandeur, LED lights will also be installed, which will make it look more attractive at night. From the ropeway, green hills will be visible during the day, while at night a beautiful view of the city lighting will be visible. The cabin of the ropeway will be stopped midway for 37 seconds to show a bird’s eye view of Jaipur to the devotees and tourists. 

This is the first rope-way of Rajasthan which has automatic door opening-closing mechanism. As soon as the trolley moves from the platform, its gates will be auto locked. Its window gives a 360 degree panoramic view. The ropeway is electrically operated, for which a separate transformer has been installed. If for some reason there is a power cut, the power supply to the generator installed there will automatically switch.

700 to 800 people will be able to travel in it every hour

12 cabins have been provided in this ropeway. In this, 700 to 800 people will be able to travel every hour. Six people will be able to reach the temple sitting together in one of its cabins. The work of this ropeway, built from Annapurna Mata Temple located in the Hanumanji temple complex of Khole, to Vaishno Mata Temple located on the hill, started about 2 years ago. 

Ticket for disabled people and the elderly will be Rs 75

The fare for rope-way (both ways) will be Rs 150 per person. The fare for children of 5 years will be Rs 75. One-way tickets have been kept at Rs 75 for adults and Rs 38 for children below 5 years. 5% GST will be charged separately on this. Whereas for people above 70 years of age and disabled people, the two-way fare has been fixed at Rs 75.

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