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A must-read guide to ‘Jaipuri Razai’ before you buy

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Jaipur is not only popular as the city of royals but also as a city that is home to many traditional crafts. These handicrafts showcase the colourful side of the city and draw thousands of tourists from all over the world. These rare items make Pink city a very popular shopping hub of India and are the essence of this unique land of handicrafts. One of the remarkable crafts that win the hearts of many is a Jaipuri Razai.

What is Jaipuri Razai? 

Jaipuri Razai the term itself explains it all where Jaipuri means belongs to Jaipur and Razai means quilt. The artisans of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, nurtured a tradition of creating a warm, cuddly, featherlight quilt which is popular as “Jaipuri razai.”

Jaipuri Razai is a lightweight soft cotton quilt that can be folded into a very small bundle. It is 100 gram in weight just like a duvet or a bed comforter which is a favourite souvenir, tourists take back to their home from Jaipur.

Although Jaipuri Razai is handcrafted and appears to be soft and cuddly, it is not delicate. One can undoubtedly opt jaipuri razai for heavy winter as these are quite lasting, warm and comforting. 

How Jaipuri Razai came into existence

The origin of Jaipuri quilt or razai is somewhere in the 16th century when the Hindu sector had strict vegetarian rules. This led to a ban on the use of leather and wool in certain religious sectors of India. Rajasthan being from northwestern India and encompassing the Aravalli Mountain Range and the Great Indian Thar Desert, gets bitterly cold, especially at night. The people here lived a nomadic life. They were always at a move to places seeking work, food, and shelter even in freezing cold. 

Due to the ban of leather and wool, they needed a covering that is easy to carry and which keeps them warm in the cold desert nights. The requisite warmth and convenience motivated artisans to create a cover that was durable, warm and convenient to carry. This quilt-making style was at the best at serving its territory and thus has survived centuries and still continues to be. 

How Jaipuri Razai is made

making of jaipuri razai

The mastery of making these exclusive Jaipuri Quilts lies in traditional textile-making skills with age-old techniques like screen printing and block printing. The local artisans of Jaipur whose families have been practising these skills for generations do all the handcrafting of these quilts.

The process involves stitching three coverings of fabric along to form a thick padded material. The 3 coatings include the top fabric, a backing material and insulating the material. The top cotton fabric is washed and ironed then hand block printed before stitching. It is then filled with finely carded cotton spread evenly in the covering and stitched by hand. The borders are stitched by the device to make them last longer.

There are three unique steps that hold the utmost importance. They are cotton carding, voile-making, and quilting.

  • Cotton Carding involves preparing cotton for as filling in quilts by removing the waste cotton from cotton. 
  • Voile making is the process of quilt making by evenly spreading the cotton throughout the fabric. 
  • Quilting involves stitching the quilt together.  

This unique making of Jaipuri quilts makes it one of the best things to shop at Jaipur. Sanganer and Bagru are the key cities in Rajasthan which conducts the printing on the Jaipuri Razai. The upscale designs on quilts incorporate motifs like flowers, elephants, sagas of the Mughal era, and traditional ancient Rajasthan. 

Features of Jaipuri quilt

Here are the features of Jaipuri Razai that will compel you to buy them and make you understand why having a Jaipuri Razai is a must to enjoy winters without being suffocated under the burden of heavy quilts.

#1. Hand Blocked Prints 

The quilts are available in beautiful hand-blocked prints and the bright shades of colours. Hand blocking is a centuries-old Rajasthani technique and one of the specialties of Jaipuri Razai. You will surely get an exclusive range of these visually appealing hand block printed Jaipuri Razai that you can buy. 

#2. Reversible 

There is indeed an amazing benefit of using Jaipuri razai. Jaipuri Razai is reversible and can be used from both sides. When you flip the side around you get a completely new pattern, design, and color. Since it is stitched from both the sides, the durability increases.

#3. Super Soft and Cozy 

Jaipuri razai is loved all over the world for this very feature. It entices people with its utter softness and coziness that comes because of the cotton filling. The fabric of the quilt soothes you in your sleep and you feel just amazing when you have them on during your sleep. 

#4. Ultra Lightweight 

One of the most credible features of the Jaipuri Razai is its ultra-lightweight. Its lightweight feature makes the Jaipuri quilt stand apart from other quilts. But even with the minimalistic weight, they are super warm to keep off the harsh winters. 

#5. Varieties 

There are endless options in Jaipuri Razai. They are available in many designer classic colors, designs, patterns, embroidery and motifs. The naturally extracted colors and various kinds of prints are famous and sought after when it comes to Jaipuri quilt. The most famous prints are Sanganeri print, Mughal print, Hand-Block Print, Gold Print, and Machine Stitched and Quilted.

#6. Warmth and Comfort 

Using heavy quilts to shield yourself from cold weather is a thing of the past now. Jaipuri quilts, despite having a beautiful appeal, serve you with the warmth and comfort to protect you from chilly winter. They are the warmest of them all because of the extra filling of the wool they have. 

#7. Easy to Maintain ( How to wash Jaipur Razai )

There are no particular rules to maintain or take care of the quilts. These are easy to store and maintain. If you are wondering how to wash Jaipuri Razai then know that these are easily washable in the washing machine using a gentle or hand wash cycle. These quilts are made up of fine fibers and delicate materials so be sure about the fabric to maintain.

Jaipuri razai market in Jaipur

Jaipuri razai market in Jaipur

Jaipuri Razai or the Jaipuri quilts are enjoying great demand across the world because of superior Rajasthani workmanship and its lightweight. Like every other handicraft item in Jaipur, the making of the Jaipuri quilt has not remained untouched by the advent of artistry. 

There is a huge Jaipuri Razai market in Jaipur. Topkhane Ka Rasta, Char Darwaza, Idgah, Chandpole Bazar, Sanganer, and Shastrinagar are the manufacturers of Jaipuri Quilt or Razai. They sell most of their stock in the bazaars of the walled city. 

Famous jaipuri razai shops in jaipur

These are the best places to buy Jaipuri razai in Jaipur where you get authentic Jaiuri Razai with unique designs and good variety which are a little more expensive. 

Roopantaran Exports

Roopantaran Exports, since its inception in 2014, is one of the leading manufacturers as well as vendors of Jaipur. It is a community of artists, making an effort to produce an extensive range of terrific block prints on pillows, bed sheets, and Jaipuri quilt. This store can offer you a plenty of choices to adorn your homes delicately and give a warm setting to your homes in the cozy winters.

Address: Sec 3/230, Gandhi path, Chitrakoot Marg, Jaipur

Lush Fab Jaipur

Lushfa has aesthetically handcrafted, and 100% cotton made Jaipuri Razai that persuade its clients to buy endless varieties of Jaipuri quilt. Comfort and the finest quality with beautiful Sanganeri prints, Mughal prints, Gold prints, and Machine stitched quilts are some of the bestsellers of Lush Fab. 

Address: 70, 71, Chaura Rasta Rd, Pink City, Jaipur

Kadar Bux 

It is the most popular place to buy Jaipuri Razai in Rajasthan, having a history that connects with the commencement of Jaipuri quilt. It takes you back to 280 years ago when the Mansuri tribe or the quilt artisans resettled from Amer to the capital city of Jaipur. Kadar Bux, a young quilt creator, gifted a quilt weighing only 250 gms to Maharaja Madho Singh Ji. The Maharaja was delighted with this gift and rewarded him with the title of Patel. He also allotted him two shops near to Hawa Mahal. Today, several small shops are belonging to the descendants of Kadar Baksh which carry a rich tradition of Rajai making.

Address: No-10 Hawa Mahal Bazar, Opp. Old Assembly Hall, Jaipur

Jaipuri Razai 

The name itself says it all. They have got the best quality Jaipur Razai and with an incredible range of At Jaipuri Razai you’ll find a plethora of options for Jaipuris available in different sizes, they’ve got a kids collection too. They have more than 200 prints to choose from.

Address: Jaipuri Razai, C3/230, Radha Krishna Marg, Chitrakoot Scheme, Jaipur


Soma’s bed linen collection has peculiar prints on the fabrics and their mul and block prints, makes you want to overspend every single time. It’s more affordable than their counterparts. No surprise their dohars are peppy as well as soothing. Whether you like the warm hues or prefer the white, you will get both at Soma.

Address: A-5, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Hathroi, Jaipur

If you want something more unusual and special, there are designer shops like Rasa and Anokhi. Also, you can find many sites where you can buy traditional Jaipuri razai online. Though buying online can be a little pricey, still you can get authentic Jaipuri razai delivery right at your doorstep from Fab India, Ethnic Rajasthan, Pinklay, Jypore, Good Earth, Idam.  

What is the price range of Jaipuri Razai

The price of a Jaipuri Quilt relies upon what type of fabric or cotton they use, and also the technique used for carding and stitching. A single Jaipuri Razai price can cost from a couple of hundred rupees to more than a couple of thousand rupees. There are three types of quilt, cotton, velvet, and silk. Among all three types of quilts, the velvet ones are the costliest. 

For a single bed quilt you may need to pay 500-600 INR and for a good quality cotton double bed, king size quilt, be ready to pay about 1500 INR. The rates may go high up to 3500 INR for designer stuff. 


In conclusion, Jaipuri quilts are the best options to beat the winter chills. So, what are you waiting for? Bid goodbye to your old heavy blankets and warm up the cold weather with soft, feather-light and warm Jaipuri Razai this winter.