third leopard sanctuary Maila Bagh in Jaipur

Jaipur to get ‘Maila Bagh’ third leopard safari of the city

Forest department is planning to develop a third leopard sanctuary ‘Maila Bagh’ in Jaipur, awaiting budget sanction.


Jaipur to get a new tourist attraction for safari. After Jhalana and Amagarh, the forest department plans to develop the ‘Maila Bagh’ third leopard sanctuary in Jaipur. Maila Bagh encloses a part of the Nahargarh Sanctuary area. 

According to the divisional forest officer (DFO) Kapil Chandrawal, “The development of the park is in the planning stage, and the forest department is awaiting sanction of its budget.”

“Our plan involves developing motorable tracks spanning an area of 20-25 square kilometers for tourists and augmenting the existing waterholes while creating new ones. We are currently working on determining the entry points, with one of them proposed at the Bheed Papad Hanuman Ji end,” he added.

As per a forest official, “With the leopard now sharing the highlight alongside the tiger, more safaris in various parts of forest areas are on the horizon. While there is no official record of the leopard population in Rajasthan, it is estimated that the state is home to more than 500 of these majestic felines. Such initiatives aid in safeguarding wildlife and forests.”

Jhalana and Amagarh leopard safaris in Jaipur have become a huge hit with wildlife lovers. They have become major attractions as here, tourists can spot leopards from a close distance. These sanctuaries are giving strong competition to other wildlife sanctuaries. To imitate the victory of these leopard safaris in Jaipur, the forest department is looking to conserve and enhance other small forest areas so that they can also yield income.

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