Jaipur to face a water crisis

Jaipur to face a water crisis if monsoon doesn’t strike soon


The monsoon absence this year has brought a situation of a severe drinking water crisis in Jaipur and nearby cities. This year, Jaipur has received only 116 mm rainfall as compared to last year 225 mm rainfall by this time. This has left Jaipur at serious risk of running out of water in a month if there is no rain.

As per the Rajasthan Public Health Engineering Department, Bisalpur dam, the main source of water, that caters to the needs of Jaipur and nearby cities has only 40 days of water left which will last only a month. Only five percent of the water is left in the dam due to heavy heat and delay in rainfall. Due to this, there have been discussions to restrict the water supply to only once in two days.

According to the water department, now there is only enough water till August 31. In Jaipur, there will be a situation of a horrible drinking water crisis. However, in order to deal with the emergency, 683 tube wells have been prepared and excavated in Jaipur city. Work has been started for making the water reach from other areas to many large areas.

The Chief Minister called a meeting of officials on Tuesday night and all the departments were instructed to ensure the proper preparation of emergency arrangements.

The Meteorological Department informed that there is a possibility of good rains in the region between July 27 and August one year. Estimates of the Meteorological Department proved to be somewhat fine as in Jaipur, there was a good rain after about ten days.

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