jaipur divided into 4 parts

Jaipur split into 4 new districts: Know every detail

Jaipur has been subdivided into four new districts. This change will lead to updates in governmental records and the functioning of administrative tasks.


Jaipur has undergone a significant reorganization, dividing it into four separate districts. This transformation has brought about a substantial shift in its administrative structure. The recent official announcement of these new districts has established Jaipur as a completely urbanized district, comprising both Jaipur Heritage and the Greater Municipal Corporation.

These adjustments will impact government records and administrative operations. It’s crucial to emphasize that these adjustments won’t require edits to the current records of the original Jaipur district. The administrative hub of Jaipur will stay unaltered.

Formerly a united entity, the city is now partitioned into Jaipur, Jaipur Rural, Dudu, and Kotputli-Behror districts. This division is mirrored in the redesigned borders of the Jaipur Collectorate, which will be confined to the boundaries of the Municipal Corporation jurisdiction.

These will be the four new districts. 

1. Jaipur district: The recently established district is a result of combining the Greater Municipal Corporation and Heritage. It comprises four divisions: Jaipur, Kalwad, Sanganer, and Amer. Sanganer, Amer, Kalwad, and Bagru tehsils from the Greater Municipal Corporation, along with Heritage’s Wards, will maintain their designation as urban districts.

2. Jaipur rural district: The district encompasses the majority of Sanganer, with the exception of 39 Wards within the Greater Municipal Corporation. It also encompasses Amer, Bassi, Chaksu, Jamwaragarh, Chaumun, Sambharlek, Madhorajpura, Rampura Dabri, Kishangarh-Renwal, Jobner, and Shahpura tehsils, leaving out only 4 Wards from Heritage.

3. Kotputli-Behror district: It incorporates Behror, Bansur, Neemrana, Narayanpur, Kotputli, Biratnagar, and Paota tehsils.

4. Dudu District: The borders of Dudu, Fagi, and Mauzamabad tehsils define the limits of this district.

Major transformations in Jaipur district

  • The central offices for both Jaipur and Jaipur Rural districts will continue to be located within the city.
  • The Jaipur district will encompass the Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage along with the pertinent tehsils from the Greater Municipal Corporation.
  • As stated in the official district notification, the Jaipur district will comprise the urban regions of Jaipur, Kalwad, Amer, and Sanganer tehsils.
  • Establishing individual Zilla Parishads for Jaipur, Jaipur Rural, and Dudu districts will result in unique leadership for each of them.

As a response to protests opposing the original idea of dividing Jaipur into Northern and Southern districts, a different approach was formulated. The updated strategy preserves Dudu as an individual, smaller district, encompassing the Dudu assembly constituency zone. Simultaneously, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation jurisdiction has been incorporated into the restructured Jaipur district, with the remaining areas falling under Jaipur Rural.

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