Top 7 bookstores and libraries

Top 7 bookstores and libraries of Jaipur where every Bookaholic’s soul lies

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The lives of humans are becoming extremely busy with the increasing complexities of the modern times. After a long and hectic week, many people seek for a slower and serene pace. Instead of making plans for an outing, getting back tired for Monday work, bibliophiles love to have a perfect laid back weekend. What can give you a much-needed break than unwinding your stress with books! But, an eBook can never replicate the smell of the pages of a book. Even in a world of ebook and online stores, there’s nothing quite like visiting a local library or bookstore and reading an actual book instead of staring into the glow of a tablet or a monitor.

Spending a happy time browsing through big shelves of bookstores stacked with endless classics and popular is what book lovers call bliss!! For those looking for a leisurely read or even a more serious dive into the book world, here are listed popular bookstores and libraries in Jaipur.

Central Library

Central Library

For the bibliophiles in the bay, this library is a treasure trove of literature. This is what makes Premier Bookstore special to generations of book lovers and one of the top bookstores in Jaipur. It has a fascinating history since its inception in 1957. It started with a small budget of Rs 20,000 with mere 1500 books. Today, the library houses over four million books, journals, and documents! This library not just has hard copies, it has numerous e-books too that you can subscribe to. This place is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet time away from clutter with their books.

Located at: University Of Rajasthan, JLN Marg

Universal Books

Universal Books

Thís is one of the city’s oldest bookstores you will see in the most populated part of the city, housed in a tall Gulab Mansion. The moment you enter, this place hits you with the sheer volume of books. This bookstore has books on every possible subject, including a large collection of old and used books. Every subject, of any era, of any genre, be it classics or new age novels, from yoga to comics is available here. This is the end destination for all book lovers where you’ll find literally everything on your wish list.

Located at: Gulab Mansion, MI Road, Jaipur

Om Shanti Osho Library

Among the top list of libraries in Jaipur, Om Shanti Osho library happens to be the one. For all the Osho fans and followers, this library is the one you should not miss out. Om Shanti is one of the biggest libraries in Jaipur. It is home to a huge collection of books, literature along with audio & video CDs of Osho on discounted prices. You will surely fall in love with this place as you will get a perfect ambiance where you can read as well as practice some meditation. This a place one should head for when you want to learn about cults and thoughts of Osho, and significance of practicing Osho in life.

Located at: H- 1A, Vinay Path, Kanti Chand Road, Bani Park


B.A.G.S has already made a mark in Jaipur with its unique and interesting concept. A combination of “Books, Activity and Games Store” is named as B.A.G.S. It was established with an idea to create a friendly store for families. You can come, borrow, and buy books. It has all the charm and friendliness which makes it a perfect place to be when in the mood to hang out. BAGS is a Pidilite Industries brand, offering over 2500 varieties of DIYs (Do It Yourself) kits to keep you occupied. If you feel like taking a break from reading, indulge in something creative at BAGS.

Located at: Basement, Jajoo Towers, A-7/9, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur

Rajat Book Corner

For the avid readers, Rajat book corner makes sure that there is something for everyone. They have the rarest collection of books within different genres. This is one bookstore in Jaipur, that give a tough competition to brands like Crosswords. Curated from over three generations, it is one of the most beloved book stores in Jaipur. Apart from buying the latest books, you can also follow their blogs where you will find weekly reviews of books to help you easily classify your taste. They also organize various book events on a regular basis with some of the renowned writers!

Located at: 8, Narayan Singh Road, Rambagh



Crossword is a popular chain of bookstores, having many outlets in the country. This is one of the most lively, fun book stores in Jaipur, always crowded with book lovers cruising through their anticipated book releases. Here you will find neatly classified bookshelves into their sections. From new arrivals to the bestsellers, they include a good mix of latest releases and bestselling books. You’ll also find an amazing collection of Movies, Music, Toys, Stationery, Magazines and DVD’s, etc. to keep you occupied. It is just the place to get lost in your favorite book sitting in a cozy chair. A day well spent.

Located at: 1st floor, KK Square, C11, Prithvi Raj Marg, C Scheme

Aromas ENT

It is said that the one who reads lives a thousand lives before death into the world of literature. Aroma ENT helps you live those numerous lives. You can spend all day drifting between the shelves at its warm and inviting ambiance. It’s a well-managed library located in Ashok Nagar with books which will attract avid readers surely. The library maintains the excellent collection for young and teenagers as well. Here membership is available for using the reading room as well as for borrowing books at home. This is also visited by a number of book readers in Jaipur. 

Located at: F-42, Sunder Marg, Ashok Nagar, C Scheme

Books transport to another realm, get ready to lose yourself into a world of books away from your dreary realities. These hubs of books will surely serve you delight by offering the joy of reading.