Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar: All you need to know


Today after the pandemic when people prefer open-air affordable street food in Jaipur, Jaipur has come up with an open-air public square having a variety of shops and kiosks serving street food. Yes, we are talking about Jaipur Chaupati! After its grand opening on November 1, every Jaipurite is eager to know about Jaipur Chaupati. How is the food? What are the food items available there? How is the ambiance? How much is the cost and whatnot! Well, this write-up is an answer to all the questions hovering over your mind. Let’s get started!

Jaipur Chaupati, Pratapnagar 

Following the lines of the very famous Masala Chowk in Jaipur, the foodies in Jaipur are blessed with another place to catch up with the goodness of street food. Jaipur Chaupati, a newly inaugurated open-air food court in Pratap Nagar is a one-stop destination to enjoy the local flavours of Jaipur. If you are a true foodie, you have to be here once! 

What makes it the best place to eat street food in Jaipur

Imagine not having to travel all throughout Jaipur, to experience the diversity of its cuisine and instead, just going to a single spot, to cater to your cravings. Sounds exciting! Isn’t it? Jaipur Chaupati brings peace to all the foodies in Jaipur. Intending to bring all the prominent street food of Pink city at one place, this open-air food court takes care of all the foodies in Jaipur so that they need not roam here and there to celebrate the fondness of the street food with friends, family and partners. It makes for a great family outing since it houses legendary food outlets so that everyone can pick up food of their liking and eat together. 

Also, visiting each and every famous food joint of Jaipur is difficult considering the chaos, traffic, and parking woes. It is easier to visit Jaipur Chaupati due to its accessibility as it is conveniently located in a very open area. Being an open air space that brings all the local flavours of Jaipur to one place this place will surely be everyone’s favourite place in Jaipur to visit during weekends.

Ambiance of Jaipur Chaupati

As you enter, the ambience of Jaipur Chaupati spells a magic on you. It is an open-air food court with an ample seating arrangement. It can accommodate around 500 people at a time. When you enter you will find the entrance adorned with bonsai trees, small fountains set up in black pots. With beautifully constructed seating space in the middle, there are multi-brand eateries lined up in all three corners serving delightful cuisines and desserts.

Food at Jaipur Chaupati

Clubbed together there are a total of 28 food outlets offering a huge assortment of street food in the menu. They serve local food and cuisines from across the country as well as abroad. You will get everything right from chats, Gol-Gappa, coffee, dosa, samosa and so on. There’s one for everyone. This place also holds various live band performances to entertain the public. Serving an authentic street food experience along with cozy and comfortable ambiance, Jaipur Chaupati is worth a visit. 

List of food shops at Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar

You will get to taste the best of street food at 28 renowned food shops in this chaupati. Below is the list of shops at Jaipur Chaupati according to their shop number. 

  1. Red Peppers 
  2. Rama Krishna Paratha 
  3. The Taste Of South 
  4. Teekha Swad 
  5. Hare Krishna Jain Food 
  6. Temptations 
  7. Milk Bar 
  8. Bajrang Juice And Ice Cream 
  9. Brijwasi Faluda Ice Cream
  10. Coffee @ Statue Circle 
  11. Ananda Prada 
  12. Shri Ganga South Indian 
  13. K-tali Pizza Pasta
  14. Tiwari Chaat Bhandar
  15. Radhe Krishna Chaat   
  16. Samrat 
  17. Bombay Chaupatty
  18. Kalkatta Chat Bhandar 
  19. G 9 Ice Cream & Shake 19
  20. J.Oberoi Sweets
  21. Narayan Ji Gazak Wale
  22. Rajasthan Dhaba 
  23. J.M.D Bakers & Fast Food 
  24. Bhavya Govindam 
  25. Sam’s Kitchen 
  26. Tikka Jaipuri
  27. The Capital Grill 
  28. Narayan Egg Corner

If you want to imbibe the true flavours of this city rich in diversity the place you should head for is Jaipur Chaupati. Go experience yourselves and treat your taste buds. We are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. Happy Eating!

Cost of food items at Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar

The price range of most of the dishes at the food joints of Jaipur Chaupati is between Rs 80 to Rs 180. The food at this place is not only delightful but affordable and good in hygiene. Jaipur Chaupati is sure to keep your pocket happy. 

Entry fees at Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar

The chaupati charges 10 Rs. per person for the entry. 

Facilities at Jaipur Chaupati

It has facilities for drinking water. There are two water tanks installed. It also has separate toilets for males and females with cleanliness and hygiene maintained. Moreover, there is a separate entry and exit gate to curb the rush during weekends. 

Car parking at Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar

You may find Jaipur Chaupati packed during peak hours or the weekends. But there is ample parking space and you won’t face any trouble. The car parking is built just outside the Jaipur Chaupati.

How to reach Jaipur Chaupati? 

Jaipur Chaupati is situated in Pratap Nagar in front of the NRI Colony near Jagatpura. Located at NH 12, you can reach here easily with taxi or cabs. It is 8 km away from Jaipur International Airport and 9 km away from the Durgapura railway station.

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Timings to visit Jaipur Chaupati, Pratap Nagar

Jaipur Chaupati’s opening time is 9 AM and the closing time of all the shops is 11 PM. Your timing needs to be right to enjoy Jaipur Chaupati’s experience. Make sure you plan your trip other than weekends to avoid the immense rush. We recommend visiting Jaipur Chaupati during the daytime or early evenings. 

Jaipur Chaupati Address

Pratap Enclave, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur

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