Indian Railways

Indian Railways make changes in train timings from July 1


Like every year, the Indian Railways have changed the timetable of all the zones. Northern Railway (NR) has reshuffled the timings of around 267 trains. The new timetable would come into effect from July 1. Names of many trains has also been changed and several trains are to speed up.

The zone has also changed the departure timings of 148 trains. While the departure timings of 93 trains have been preponed, those of 55 trains have been postponed. Similarly, the arrival timings of 118 trains have also been changed, while for 57 trains, the timings have been preponed, those of 61 trains have been postponed.

This change in railways timing has affected the time of 24 trains from Jaipur. The new timetable will be implemented from Monday, July 1, from the very first train in the Railways. Apart from this, the timing of 54 trains will be changed from Bhagat Kothi, 23 at Ajmer station and 14 trains at Bikaner station. The speed of 59 trains will also be increased.

The speed of the several trains in northwestern railway has been increased for the long distance routes from July 1. Now trains will arrive one hour 20 minutes early at every major station of northwestern railway from July 1.

The change in the timing of the four major Northern Railway trains running from Jodhpur, Ajmer, Jaipur and Bikaner Railway is done for improving the timetable of the railway. One of the main reasons for the change is to reduce the time taken by the passengers to travel.

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