seven gates of walled city of jaipur

Heritage Fund of 10 Crores To Conserve Walled City

A special heritage fund will be made of 10 crores to conserve the heritage of the walled city and prevent encroachment.


The fear of losing the title of World Heritage of the Walled City of Jaipur has awakened the Government. The walled city is facing a fall in terms of heritage preservation. Encroachment is being done, heritage forms and facades are being tampered with. 

The UNESCO team will come to Jaipur in the first week of April to check the homework (heritage conservation and other work). Before its arrival, the government has now prepared a three-level plan for the heritage conservation of the walled city area. Under this, a proposal for a special heritage fund of Rs 10 crore has been sent to the Chief Minister.

Apart from this, from preparing mobile magistrates for heritage protection of the walled city, architects and artisans who understand heritage will be empanelled. Even after this, if negligence is found in the work, then a blueprint is also being prepared to take action against such responsibilities. 

Significantly, the government and the municipal corporation have promised UNESCO to work on 15 points for the protection of the walled city. 

This is the Three-Tier Plan 

  • Special Heritage Fund of 10 crores: To work according to the set standards of UNESCO. In this regard, development works are to be done according to the action plan. Plan to create a special heritage fund with 10 crores at the initial stage for the park.
  • Appointment of Mobile Magistrate: Will be illegal. The appointment of a mobile magistrate to monitor the construction and encroachment will be the rest of the process. Its responsibility will not be on the officers of the Municipal Corporation but other officers. That is, it will work like a third party inspection. They will give direct reports to the government. Apart from this, brainstorming on giving the responsibility of monitoring the Chokdi to the Army retired.
  • Architects and Artisans: Architects and artisans with a keen sense of heritage will be empanelled. Before any renovation or construction work, officers will be able to seek their opinion, so that the heritage work can be done more accordingly.

Special Area Development Plan 2041 will be implemented

Before the team UNESCO comes, the Special Area Development Plan- 2041 will be implemented. More than half the work has been done on this and the rest will be completed in a month. 

Plans will be made based on bringing Heritage nature and property in its original form. There will be other planning including road width, land use, park, drainage system, sewerage system. Apart from this, there will be a separate detailed plan for the development of the two Chokdis of the walled city.

Demand to form Walled City Heritage Development Authority

The need for the formation of the Walled City Heritage Development Authority has also been expressed in the meetings held regarding the protection of the walled city. Officers and experts have drawn the attention of the government to this. However, the matter has not progressed in this direction so far.

Work started on two of these quartets

Work has started on preserving the Quartet Modikhana and Quartet Vishweshwarji. Most of the parts in both the quartets were converted into commercials. Now the government has to decide whether the existing commercial activity will continue here or will it change.

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