Ban on public events in Rajasthan anticipating a possible third wave

The state government has put a ban on all public events till further orders in a move to prevent the spread of a possible third wave of Covid-19.

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The Rajasthan government has put a ban on organizing social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural and religious functions, processions, fairs and exhibitions to prevent the spread of the Covid third wave. The principal secretary carried out a message to all the district collectors, police commissioners and SPS.

As per the instructions carried out by the home department, Covid appropriate behaviour and compliance of Covid protocol including ‘no-mask, no movement should be ensured in public places. Any irresponsible behaviour could lead to the third wave so, proper disciplinary action should be taken against the violators.

According to the Principal Secretary, “The virus is not entirely gone and there is a possibility of the third wave of Covid. Hence, the administration should make sure that any sort of public event such as protests, exhibitions, processions, rallies is strictly prohibited.”

The written letter given by the Principal Secretary quoted a directive issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India to the state governments, ordaining to inflict local regulations on the forthcoming festivals and to control the public gathering. It also conveyed a five-fold scheme that involves testing, tracking, treating, vaccinations and following Covid-appropriate behaviour should be directed for effective management of Covid. 

However, permission to conduct essential activities is given keeping in view the reduction in Covid cases in the state and for the convenience of the people and the goods and services availability. 

The move is necessary as although there has been a decline in Covid cases for the last few days, there is an increase in daily positive cases in some of the states.

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