helicopter ride in Jaipur

Helicopter ride to visit Jaipur soon to restart

Helicopter ride to visit Jaipur is starting again with charge of Rs 5,000 for five minutes; Will be able to see the forests of Amer, Nahargarh and Aravali


Soon Jaipurites will be able to enjoy the aerial view of Jaipur once again. Helicopter rides are going to restart in Jaipur. Through this, tourists will be able to see the main walled city markets and heritage monuments including Amer, Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and the Aravali forest. The helicopter ride will cost Rs 5,000 for 5 minutes. 

Apart from Jaipur, this joy ride will start in Jaisalmer. After this, the second phase, Joy Ride will also be started in Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Nathdwara, while it is proposed to start Temple Ride in the third phase.

According to the CEO of Avon Helicopters, Sohan Singh Nathawat, “Joy Ride will be started in Jaipur from this month itself. All preparations regarding this are almost complete. This time, preparations are being made to make the location of the helipad closer to the city instead of Cooks, so that we can give the travelers a chance to see the beauty of the city at a lower cost. For this, 3 grounds have also been marked in Jaipur, where work is being done on permissions and other security checks. As soon as the work is completed, the joy ride will be started in Jaipur.”

Earlier the helicopter ride was run in Jaipur from March 19 to April 2. Whereas in Jaisalmer, operations were conducted from 27 December to 1 January. 

Fare of Rs 1000 will have to be paid for 1 minute

Passengers will be charged per minute fare for the joy ride in Jaipur. It is proposed to prepare two tracks for this. 

The first track will be of 5 minutes for Rs 5000. In this track, the helicopter will be rotated over Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Sargasuli, City Palace, Albert Hall along with the main markets of the walled city. 

The second track will be of 10 minutes for Rs 10,000. in this track Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Sargasuli, City Palace, Albert Hall, the main markets of the walled city along with Garh Ganesh, Amer, Nahargarh, Jaigarh and Galtaji as well as the beautiful mountains of Aravalli will be shown from above. 

Will travel in Bell 407 helicopter worth Rs 35 crores

  • Helicopter Bell 407 is being used for rides in Jaipur. The market price of this helicopter is between Rs 25 to Rs 35 crore.
  • Bell 407 has an engine of 862 horsepower. This helicopter can achieve a speed of 246 kilometers per hour.
  • Bell 407 can travel up to 624 kilometers at a time. During this time it can achieve a height of 1850 feet in 1 minute. However, its maximum altitude capability is 20,000 feet above ground.
  • Bell-407 is a 7-seater helicopter. Maximum weight can be kept in it 2722 kg. Its fuel tank filling capacity is 484 liters. 

Passengers will have insurance 

From the safety point of view, helicopter Bell 407 comes in the category of safest single engine helicopter. In this, along with the safety of the passengers, insurance has also been done for each passenger, so that every situation can be dealt with.

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