Rajasthan at alert for weird disease spreading in China

Rajasthan at alert for weird disease spreading in China

Alert in Rajasthan regarding mysterious disease spreading in China, Instructions to check machinery and arrange oxygen, beds and medicines


After the spread of dreadful diseases like Covid in China, the Central Government has issued an alert. Following the advisory, the State Government has also given instructions to the CMHOs of all the medical colleges and districts to make adequate arrangements.

Under this, instructions have been given to make arrangements for adequate oxygen, medicines and beds in all hospitals and medical colleges. On November 28, ACS Shubhra Singh called the VC to review it.

In the advisory issued by the Director of the Health Department, instructions have been given to make adequate arrangements for medicines, oxygen and testing in hospitals and to check their machinery. Along with this, instructions have also been given to the superintendents and principals of all medical colleges and hospitals to conduct mock drills on 29th November. 

For some time now a mysterious disease has started spreading among children in China. Due to this disease which causes lungs to swell with high fever, thousands of children are reaching the hospital every day. 

Symptoms of the disease spreading in China 

  • Cough
  • Pain or sore throat 
  • Fever 
  • Swelling in the lungs 
  • Swelling of the respiratory tract

Health Ministry’s advisory to states 

  • There should be no shortage of beds and staff in hospitals
  • Keep stock of essential medicines and antibiotics 
  • Oxygen cylinders should be available in sufficient quantity Oxygen plants and ventilators are working properly 
  • PPE kits and testing kits should be available 
  • Review infection control protocols designed to prevent the spread of infection.

WHO guidelines on mysterious disease spreading in China 

  • Get necessary tests done on time and seek medical help Get vaccinated on time 
  • Keep distance from sick people 
  • Wear a mask in public places
  • Isolate if you are sick 
  • Keep hands clean
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