Heatwave alert in Rajasthan: Orders to arrange shade and water

Orders to make arrangements for shade and water at intersections and bus stands, Hospitals asked to keep stock of medicines used in the treatment of heat stroke


To protect against the scorching heat in Rajasthan, the government has now ordered local bodies to make arrangements for shade and water in public places. The government has also asked Bhamashahs to take help for this work. The government has closed bus stands, main traffic signals, tourist places and such public places where a large number of people stay. There it has been asked to make such arrangements on priority.

In this guideline issued by disaster relief management, an alert will be issued to the medical department as well as the urban bodies. The department has issued orders and directed to keep adequate stock of medicines used in the treatment of heat stroke in all hospitals. 

Besides, instructions were given to keep coolers-fans and adequate resources in the wards in all CHC, district, sub-district, and satellite hospitals. Instructions have also been given to keep the nursing, medical and paramedical staff in these hospitals on alert mode at all times.

The department has instructed the Health Department to immediately prepare a report on deaths due to heatwave and send it to the government and to remain alert in areas where there is overcrowding. At the same time, the Panchayati Raj Department has also been instructed to change the working timings of NREGA workers during the peak season of summer.

Instructions to manage shade and water in the industrial area

The department has asked to provide shade for protection from the sun in the industrial area and to make arrangements for cold drinking water, so that the workers and laborers working in the industrial units present here can have lunch. Or when they come out for tea, they do not have to stand in the sun.

Along with this, it has been asked to make arrangements for fodder, water and medicines for the animals. Also, instructions have been given to the power companies that if possible, maintain the power supply in hospitals and critical facility areas on priority.

There should be arrangements for drinking water at tourist and religious places too. The Disaster Relief Management Department has asked to make cool drinking water and green sheds or other arrangements for shade for people visiting all the tourist places and religious places of the state. 

At the same time, urban bodies, UITs, development authorities have been instructed to make arrangements for shade and water at major intersections of cities, bus stands and places where people wait for public transport or where crowds of people gather, either on their own or through Bhamashahs. 

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