Galta Ji pilgrimage now open for visitors after almost a year


After a long gap of 313 days, The major Vaishnav pilgrimage of North India, Galtaji in Jaipur opened on Monday. Online bookings have started to visit the most popular tourist attraction and holy place Galta Ji. 

Galata pilgrimage opens for visitors though bathing in the glacial pools will still be banned, people will not be able to take a bath right now. 

To get into Galta Ji shrine, first online booking has to be done. Entry to Galta Tirtha will be open from 7 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 6 pm. At the same time, the temples situated on the Galta Kunds will remain closed for visitors. Also, to reach Galtaji one has to come through the Ghat Ki Guni. Now, the entry from the Galta ghati route through the Galta gate is banned. 

According to Swami Awadheshacharya of Galta Shrine, “Galta shrine which has been closed for visitors since 313 days due to corona pandemic, has been opened for devotees now. To get into Galta, first online booking has to be done. Booking information in mobile will be sent through SMS. Visitors will need to show the SMS received at the entrance of Galtaji. People will not be able to enter the Galtaji shrine from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Visitors will have to follow these rules:

  • One mobile number can be used only once in a day for booking.
  • Only a maximum of 5 persons can be booked at a time.
  • Entry will be given only from the eastern gate of Galatji via Ghat ki Guni- Sisodia garden.
  • Visitors have to show their identity card along with the booking message received on their mobile phones.
  • Entry to the holy pool of Galtaji and bathing is still completely prohibited. Entry to temples, Dharamshalas and other buildings situated on the pools is also completely restricted.
  • Visitors must follow the corona guideline.
  • Prasad, fruits, flowers, garlands, etc. will still be banned.
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