Ramanandacharya Sanskrit University (RSU) in Jaipur

First Astro Park of Rajasthan at Sanskrit university in Jaipur

For the first time in Rajasthan, a nakshatra and planet park 'Astro park' is going to be built in Ramanandacharya Sanskrit University in Jaipur.


Great news for all astrology researchers, students and stargazers. Rajasthan is all set to have its first and one-of-a-kind ‘Astro park’ in the Ramanandacharya Sanskrit University (RSU) in Jaipur. This Astro park will be ready in about 1 year.

This observatory is a trial to promote tourism as well as create scientific thinking among the common people. Stretching over an area of 4 acres, and amounting to over ₹2.5 crores, the project is anticipated to be active in the next 12 months.

Astro Park constructed according to the Narada Purana

According to the experts of astrology and Sanskrit, Navagraha and Nakshatra have great importance in Hinduism. According to religion, they have a direct impact on everyone’s life. Therefore, keeping the value of astrology in Indian culture intact, the Astro park is being constructed according to the Sanskrit texts of Narada Purana. Special attention will be given to the number of trees and their location in the construction of Astro Park.

According to Sanskrit scholars, every planet has nine trees and nakshatras or constellations have 27 types of trees assigned to them, which are said to help a person in life. This park will showcase all these species to the people. Around 17 species of trees which cannot be found in Rajasthan will be planted here. 36 trees will be planted here assigned to the planets and constellations.

Live location of planets will be found here

People interested in Astro will get to see many new things in this Astro park. They will get to see the live location of planets through computers here. This garden will be fully equipped with scientific and high technology which will make it easier to know about the solar system. Additionally, the facility will also have a 70 seater mobile planetarium that will host shows about the solar system.

A wave of happiness in Astro-researchers, stargazers and Astro-enthusiasts

The Astro Garden will also have an observatory where scholars will be able to study and research on the constellations. Apart from this, a Yagyashala will also be constructed with 9 kundas and a 45-minute show will be hosted here to make the common people aware of the ancient concept of the solar system. Astro Park is notably a one-of-a-kind project that will enable astrologers and professors to conduct studies.

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