Jaipur coaching centers are running against rules

Even after the major accident in Surat, Jaipur coaching centers are running against rules


Despite the major tragedy in Surat, the government is not yet paying attention. Several buildings are being constructed against rules in the city. Most of the coaching centers are running in similar buildings like Surat, where the life of millions of children is at risk. The situation here is also worrisome.

New coaching centers are opening continuously in Gopalpura Bypass, Barkat Nagar, Mahesh Nagar, Rajpark, Jhotwara, and Jagatpura. There is no parking facility here, nor resources to deal with a fire. The government had issued rules for the coaching center operation four years ago. Despite this, 95 percent of the buildings do not even have to fire NOC.

About five years ago a fire broke out in a coaching center in Lal Kothi, where 50-60 children were at risk. Although the fire was controlled and it didn’t turn out to be a bigger accident, the repair work was done superficially. After that, the number of coaching and library operations increased rapidly in the basement. Coaching centers are running in tight streets where there are neither fire extinguishers nor any way to reach the firearm.

According to the rules of the government, “coaching centers should be opened on roads which are 40 feet or more and land over 300 square meters. There should be two stairs each for entry and exit on every floor. Opening coaching centers will not be allowed on corner plot as they are likely to cause an accident. Also, the institutes should ensure sufficient fire fighting equipment.”

None of the above rules are followed properly. Coaching centers are running in 25 feet wide road and 50 square miles. There are no different stairs for entry and departure, not even a proper walking space. They are even running on corner plots with no security facilities.

Security of such coaching centers in Jaipur is at doubt after the fire incident took place at the coaching center operated at Surat’s commercial complex.

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