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Door-to-door garbage collection will no more be free in Jaipur

JMC will soon impose charges for door-to-door garbage collection in Jaipur, the collection of charges will start within the next year.


Jaipur Municipal Corporation – Greater proposed a door-to-door collection of waste from every household, commercial, and other establishments after following the footsteps of Indore’s cleanliness policy,

Despite the scheme having been implemented, there is a need to better the all-around system and ensure its proper execution. For this, JMC – Greater declared to impose a user charge. The task will be given to private companies and real-time monitoring of garbage collections will also be done

Tenders issued for the waste management project

As of now, the JMC – Greater has already issued tenders, inviting private companies to submit their bids. As per the tender issued by the city civic body, the private companies will be bidding for the waste management project.

After this, the selected company will take up the maintenance work and other scheme-related enactments. The tender will be issued for a period of three-year and the duration may be extended for up to two years.

As per the plan, private companies will be assigned to assemble the segregated waste and drop it at the secondary collection point. Besides, the use of technologies like RFID and Geo-fencing will also be done. This will further help in real-time monitoring of garbage collections, fleet management and vehicle tracking.

These RFIDs will be installed at each residential household and commercial building by a private company. Once the scheme comes into action, JMC will release a list of assessed rates that will be collected from the users.

The project’s total calculated cost is set at ₹19.53 crores. The city has 91 wards divided into eight zones.

The execution of the project will start soon

As soon as a private company is appointed the private companies will be given time to set up the devices, transportation services, surveying, etc. The time of three months will be given for this, said JMC (Greater) Deputy Health Commissioner.

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