Domestic Cargo unit at Jaipur Airport

Domestic Cargo unit soon to start at Jaipur Airport

Domestic Cargo unit will start soon at Jaipur International Airport from Terminal-1. Now cargo can be sent from one city to another.


Cargo service will soon begin at Jaipur International Airport, from Terminal-1 from June first week. Now valuables like jewelry, blood samples, medicines can be sent from one city to another. By the end of this year the facility of international cargo will also be started. 

The new cargo unit is likely to be started in the first week of June. The new unit is built in an area of ​​550 sqm and will handle 2300 metric tonnes of cargo per month. 

According to an official,”We will start a domestic inbound and outbound cargo unit, adjacent to the terminal building of the airport. The new cargo terminal is equipped with state-of-the- art infrastructure and facilities. We plan to engage with various trade-related stakeholders and help them understand how the new facilities can enable safe and secure movement of cargo to regional and national aviation cargo hubs.”

The airport administration has received all necessary permissions and approvals from the state and (AERA) the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority of India to start the cargo operations. Tariff and other rate cards will be levied at the rates prescribed by the AERA.  

Facilities at new domestic cargo unit

In the building of the new domestic cargo unit in the cargo area, for the effective handling of outbound and inbound cargo three truck bays, 1 inbound, 2 outbound have been made. Along with this, three Dock Levelers and two Forklifts are also made. 

The new domestic cargo unit boasts of several features. It has ample parking space and a separate entry gate. At the entrance gate, pass issuance and frisking booths are also available and the facility is being monitored by security agencies round the clock

There will be a separate office space for airlines, related staff, and a centralized AC system. It has a strong room for security of valuables, cold storage room, and a goods storage area for dangerous category goods which complies with the norms prescribed by aviation cargo regulators. To screen the goods received and dispatched, it has two 100 by 100 size X-ray machines and 1 Explosive Trace Detection Machine. 

Will be able to send these things

With the commencement of the cargo terminal, people will be able to send things from Jaipur airport to other cities of the country. The cargo includes things of domestic use such as post office (PO) mail, courier items, perishables, valuables (jewellery), blood samples for pharma, human remains, medicines, documents, e-commerce items, and dangerous goods. It will also manage several items including fruits, vegetables, packaged food items, chilled/frozen fish, spare parts, and textiles.

These will be the rates

The AERA has also fixed the fare rates for cargo movement. In fact, cargo is already being transported at Jaipur airport through AERA’s company iClass. The fare rates for Jaipur airport administration are fixed at par with the cargo of Iclass. These rates will be applicable till 30 September 2023. 

  • For general cargo, the minimum fare will be Rs 176 at the rate of Rs 1.20 per kg. 
  • The fare for live animals, perishables, valuables and hazards will be Rs 2.40 per kg, with a minimum fare of Rs 351 in these categories. Demurrage charges or storage rent will also be charged from these rates. 
  • 160 per bill will be charged for cargo return or amendment of airway bill. 
  • Rs 10 for packaging per package, minimum Rs 20 will be charged.
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