Disabled and elderly will be able to vote sitting at home

About 17 lakh Divyang and elderly people above 80 years of age will be able to vote sitting at home in the next assembly elections of Rajasthan.


For the first time in Rajasthan, the polling party will go to the homes of 17 lakh voters in the next assembly elections. Now Divyang and elderly people above 80 years of age will be able to vote sitting at home. The State Election Department is preparing for this.

The election department will now implement this system in all the 200 seats of the state in the elections to be held in December-2023. There are about 11 lakh 30 thousand Divyang and 5 lakh 70 thousand elderly voters (above 80 years of age) in the entire state.

The State Election Department has also sent its information to the Central Election Commission. This is going to happen for the first time in Rajasthan.

According to the Rajasthan Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and Principal Government Secretary of the department Praveen Gupta, Disabled will now get the right to vote while sitting at home. The polling percentage generally remains stuck between 60 to 70 percent. The maximum number of people who do not vote are those who are unable to reach the polling station due to physical weakness or old age or serious illness.

Disabled voters also often avoid traveling to and from crowded polling stations. In this way they are unable to exercise their right to vote. It is our endeavor to provide the facility of sitting at home to these voters so that the voting percentage also increases. Participation of maximum citizens should be ensured in democracy and all people can use their rights.

Process of voting at home

A week before the date of polling, voting will be done by taking ballot boxes to the homes of all such voters.

Elderly or disabled voters can also come to the polling station if they want, but they will have to inform about the facility at home at their polling booth a week before the date of poll.

If a voter needs any information, he can call the voter helpline number 1950.

No one will see the disabled or elderly voter while voting, he will remain completely secret and safe.

If the agent of any political party wants to get the polling party (government personnel) and the video recording of the voting process done, they can get it done.

The polling party will go to the house of disabled and elderly voters as and when they want. If the voter decides any time of the night also, then the polling party will go in the night only.

A box-cabin will be made at the voter’s house by placing a small curtain (exactly the same as at the polling station) so that no relative can see his vote.

If the voter wants, he will be able to get his voting slip.

The Election Department is also considering these

As per the feedback received, the department is also considering that instead of 80 years, this facility should be given to the elderly people of 75 years of age sitting at home. Apart from the Divyang, the department is also considering providing voting facilities to the patients admitted in the hospitals suffering from serious diseases, newly pregnant voters, pregnant voters in the hospitals itself or through some kind of online medium. For this, the help of many apps and computer software is being taken so that this class can also get the right to vote.

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