child death due to corona

Death of a two and a half-year-old child due to corona in Rajasthan

After three months, a death case due to corona has spread panic in Rajasthan, two and a half-year-old child died.


After a gap of 3 months, the corona infection is increasing rapidly in the state. A new case of death of a two-and-a-half-year-old child has spread panic in the state. 18 new cases were also found. Now the total number of active patients in the state has increased to 95.

Before Diwali, there were less than 50 cases. Also, 25 districts of Rajasthan were corona-free. This is after three months that someone has died due to covid in Jaipur district. 

The three-year-old innocent is from the Chaumu area of Jaipur. He died at RUHS Covid Hospital after he tested positive. His Covid test was conducted when his health was found deteriorating. After the Covid test turned out to be positive, he was undergoing treatment. He died after about four days of treatment at RUHS. His parents are labourers. 

According to the Jaipur CMHO, Dr. Narottam Sharma, “A team will be sent tomorrow to investigate the parents of that child and people who came in contact with them will also be sampled.

12 new cases found in Jaipur

A total of 12 new cases have also been found in Jaipur, including a 12-year-old girl. It is being said that the girl’s mother came positive on November 14, after which when other family members got tested, she also came positive. Fortunately, the girl had not been going to school since November 8 and was on vacation. Due to this, other children studying in the school did not come in contact with her.

The infection has increased rapidly in the state after the opening of schools with 100% capacity, including the permission of social gatherings for festivals as well as weddings.

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