Jaipur topper Taru Jain

CBSE 10th result: Jaipur topper Taru Jain secures 499 marks


Taru Jain of Jaipur secured 1st rank as one among the 13 students in the country who scored 499 marks out of 500. Taru Jain credited her success to her parents, teachers and family members. She fell one mark short of securing hundred in English. In all the other subjects, she secured full marks. She studied only 4-5 hours a day.

Taru said that she never distanced herself from social media. “I was on Facebook and WhatsApp. I was active for half an hour on social media. I would never say that social media should be completely cut off. This routine continues even during studies. I study for three or four hours a day,” said Taru.

She couldn’t believe when she came to know that she had secured 499 marks. “I was expecting good marks, but not that much. I was hoping to get up to 96 percent marks. I studied for 8-9 hours every day only during the exam period. Otherwise, I never studied more than 3-5 hours,” said Taru.

When asked about what to do in the future, Taru said, she wants to pursue CA from Delhi university or economics honors.

The Taru’s father Dharmendra Jain said that Taru has not only made us proud but the whole Rajasthan. We expected up to 97 percent, but we didn’t hope this much.

The girl’s mother Neha Jain said that today I am going to be known by my daughter. We are with her to fulfill her dreams. She has complete freedom to take her decisions. We will give full support to whatever she will decide with her studies or career. We have left everything over her.

Taru’s father Dharmendra Jain works in the IT department as a chief manager, while her mother is a housewife.

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