Bhopal-like Leakage occurred in the gas pipeline of Jaipur

Leakage occurred in the gas pipeline in Jaipur, People started having trouble breathing, eyes got irritated; Different teams reached the spot


A major accident was averted today in Jaipur. If the matter was not handled on time, a big gas tragedy like Bhopal would have happened here too. On Tuesday, the workers laying the pipeline for the Bisalpur project damaged and broke the underground LPG gas pipeline. 

As soon as the gas leakage occurred, sounds like an explosion were heard on the spot. Hearing the sounds, panic spread in the surrounding area. The smell spread in the area, people nearby started having burning sensation in their eyes and difficulty in breathing. Later the local people informed the police, fire brigade and civil defense about the incident.

On receiving information about the incident, civil defense, company team and fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. The police removed the people from there and barricaded them and stopped them 100 meters before the incident site. After this, the company team controlled the gas with the help of equipment and stopped the leakage. The incident took place near Singhania Circle in the Muhana police station area of ​​Jaipur. 

According to the Civil Defense team, “The Police control room received the information at 3.30 pm. On this the team was sent to the spot. The Civil Defense team reached the spot within 20 minutes. People were removed from there. After this, LPG officials and employees reached the spot and stopped the gas leak.”

Gas supply stopped 

Due to gas leakage, people present in the area started feeling a burning sensation in their eyes. Complaints like difficulty in breathing and allergy were also reported. However, the situation was brought under control within some time as the team stopped the gas supply and repaired the line. 

As per the information, the water pipeline and gas pipeline are crossing each other at the spot. Company employees had come to check the gas pipeline. Meanwhile, the gas pipeline from an employee cracked and gas started leaking, due to which people got scared and started running here and there. After this, some people reached the spot and informed the gas agency officials. According to the information, while checking the gas line, leakage occurred in the main line. This caused gas leakage. 

Mutual coordination is not visible among agencies

In fact, water and electricity lines in Jaipur city break every other day. The main reason for this has come to light that the concerned agencies start the work of demolishing the road without mutual coordination. Due to this, sometimes electricity and sometimes water lines get broken. The general public has to suffer due to this. But this time the LPG gas line itself was cracked.

Regarding the incident, the Civil Defense team has accused the gas company Torrent of being slow in the matter. Civil Defense has made a recommendation to the District Collector demanding action against the company in this matter.

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