Amendment in the rules for making parking in homes in Rajasthan

Rules for parking inside the houses in Rajasthan changed again, those who build houses in 90 sqm will not need to make parking in their houses.


For the third time, changes have been made in the rules for making parking in houses in Rajasthan. Under this, now those who build houses in 90 square meters will not need to make parking in their houses. However, parking of one car will be necessary in a house of 91 to 225 sqm and parking space will also have to be increased as the floor increases. 

In the new rules, for the construction of single story houses above 90 square meters i.e. from 91 to 225 square meters, it will be necessary to make parking. Also, if this is not done then action will be taken according to the parking provision of the concerned body. Along with this, on increasing the house from single story to double story, the parking space will also have to be increased.

Car parking will be necessary

According to the rules, if the size of a land is more than 112.5 square meters and at the same time complete construction has been done on the first floor as well or the second floor has also been mounted on it, then car parking will necessarily have to be made due to the area of ​​the calculation of the total built-up area being more than 225 square meters. 

Along with this, as the floors increase, the car parking space will have to be increased in the same proportion. For plots larger than 225 sqm, 75% of the parking space will have to be reserved for cars and 25% for two-wheelers. 

Rules will be applicable in these cities 

New rules brought for parking inside houses in urban areas will be applicable in Jaipur Development Authority, Jodhpur Development Authority, Ajmer Development Authority and cities with 14 UITs.

Scooter parking is necessary up to 90 meters

  • It will be mandatory to leave space for scooter parking on plots up to 90 square meters (111 square yards), there will be no need for car parking.
  • One car parking will have to be provided on the plot larger than 90 square meters and up to 225 square meters.
  • Independent housing plots will allow back to back car parking without the need for visitor car parking.

Coaching center will be built on 60 feet wide road

  • Flat construction can be done on a minimum 750 square meter plot and at least 12 meter wide road. A building with more than 8 flats shall be multi-storeyed.
  • For the construction of coaching centers, the road should be minimum 60 feet wide in big cities, 40 feet wide in small towns.
  • Plot minimum 300 square meters is necessary for the construction of a coaching institute.
  • Minimum 40 feet wide of multi-storeyed buildings road required.

Some other rules already in place 

Along with all these, there are some such rules which are especially important to keep in mind while building a house. 

For houses up to 90 square meters, only two-storey buildings with ground can be built. 

For houses up to 225 square meters, a three-storey building can be constructed along with the ground. 

For houses ranging from 350 to 500 square meters, the height can be increased up to 18 meters.

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