Best Camping Places in Rajasthan

5 Best Camping Places in Rajasthan that beckons you!


Rajasthan, ‘a jewel amidst the golden sand’ has always been on the top in the itinerary of every traveler. The seductive charm of this enchanting state allures the globetrotters from every corner of the world. The state, basically known for its cultural and heritage tourism, is also known for adventure tourism. One of the most adventurous and thrilling activities to enjoy in the desert land of Rajasthan is camping. You get to see the best camping places in Rajasthan. We have compiled a list of the best camping places in Rajasthan where you can go for camping.

Camping at Jaisalmer ‘The Golden City’

place to visit in jaisalmer

For those seeking a pleasant camping experience, the peaceful town of Jaisalmer, the Golden City is a beauty popular for its night-camping in the desert. Nestled in the heart of the Thar desert, this place is famous as one of the top destinations for camping in Rajasthan. Most of the desert camps are organized here in this city mostly covered in sand dunes. Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer are the most sought-after space for camping. Nothing can beat the experience of spending nights at sprawling rippling sand dune decked ground pitched with tents. This will be a time will enjoy the fullest and savor for a lifetime. 

There are many camp options we can locate amidst the Thar desert that offers you a blissful camping night. The night camping here illuminates with cultural entertainment and traditional hospitality. Shama Desert Camp, Le Royal Camp, Pansari Resort, and Registan Desert Safari Camps are to name a few that can give you an epic feel. These camps have modern Swiss tents each with attached bathrooms and all the basic amenities included. You get some thrilling adventurous activities in the Thar Desert. You will find recreations like Desert Safari, Camel Safari, Adventure Jeep Safari village safari, quad bikes at dunes, bonfire nights, and many astonishing evening cultural activities and programs. These will surely give you a whole another experience having the time of your life.

Camping at the Royal Jodhpur

place to visit in jodhpur

The historical and royal land of Jodhpur has been certainly captivating the heart and mind of travelers, who desire to experience a camping trip under the glitzy sky. Osian is a little place near Jodhpur, which is bordered by desert. It is perfect place for your next camping destination in Rajasthan. The camps here are all set up with the elements of necessity and luxury. The spacious tents and Deluxe Swiss cottage are well equipped with attached washrooms and all comforts. Camping at Osian gives you a glance at nomadic life and an opportunity of staying in a tent. They offer tents where guests can have a totally unique opportunity to relax in the verandah or on the sun terrace. 

Apart from spending cozy hours inside the tent, visitors experience here a picnic-like experience. Watching the sunset surrounded by oceans of sand, sitting beside the bonfire, safari trips, cultural activities, evening entertainment with ethnic music and dance performances truly lure the visitors. Open-air dining facilities with the aroma of delicious ‘daal baati churma’ or a wholesome barbeque meal accompanied by the flawless music from the musicians and sound of Sarangi. The cultural evenings offer sleepless nights to visitors reclining at the comfy “charpais”. A tour on Village Safari, Camel Safari and Wildlife Safari lets you embrace the true beauty of Rajasthan.

Camping at Beautiful Pushkar

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The beautiful dusty town of Pushkar situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills on three sides and dunes on the other. This place is just so right to experience camping in Rajasthan. Having such a perfect location, it raves as one of the best camping places in Rajasthan. Pushkar Pride Camp, Desert Night Camp are some of the Rajasthani camping spots where they engage the visitors in Rajasthani culture and hospitality. The camp here offers accommodation in Swiss tents. These tents are so beautiful and have everything from a sofa, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, private bathrooms with showers. Their restaurant has a delicious menu to offer and the guests can revel in some Continental food for breakfast. 

Get mystify by the amazing views at camps in Pushkar. Here you can enjoy a bonfire and camel cart rides while overlooking the beautiful view of the sunset. They also organize different cultural activities like Kalbelia dance, offer delicious Rajasthani food and much more. You can get car and bicycle rental services to travel to nearby attractions such as Brahma Temple, Varaha Temple, and Pushkar lake. Smooth sand dunes, camel safari, village culture and camping at the river banks are what you get in Pushkar.

Camping at majestic Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake best camping place in Rajasthan

India’s largest inland saltwater body, Sambhar is a place where the shimmering water and blue sky mix in a heady cocktail. This vast and oval-shaped lake is one of the popular attractions. It is the best camping place in Rajasthan for the lure of spotting thousands of migratory birds, especially the flamingos that dot the banks. Camping at Sambhar Lake becomes enthralling with the sweeping views of the surroundings can be a feast to your eyes. Watching the sky changing the colors here during the evenings can be bewitching. 

This place comes in the list of one of the top camping destinations. This is because it features activities like trekking in the salt pans, looking at the sand merging with the blue sky, visiting the ethnic villages to know the local lifestyle, dining around the bonfire, listening to some of the best folk songs and folktales from the locals. The Sambhar Lake Camping is a unique camp where you get to explore some of the challenging trekking trails of Rajasthan. You can also spend time going around the temples around the lake and click amazing photography.

Camping at nature’s lap at Ranthambore

Ranthambore best camping place in Rajasthan

If you are a lover of wildlife, then visit the Ranthambore National Park. It is undoubtedly one of the best camping places in Rajasthan. 

Ranthambore has always been popular for the beautifully charming spread of wildlife. But to your surprise, it is a very good place for camping as well. The popular National Park of India is certainly a haven for all those inspired by nature. If beauty of the Jungles always attracts you and you want to experience the wildlife in the most natural way! You must camp in Ranthambore. 

Camping in the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park can create the best memories. While you are camping here, you would undoubtedly be in the wild. You can expect to spot a lot of wild animals and birds of rarest species. You can have a fun and lively experience going on a safari spotting the wild animals and birds. The adventure while going for a safari ride right through the jungle will absolutely amaze you. Spending time in the foothills of the Aravali with an elegant blend of flora and fauna all around can be an incredible experience. Camping becomes a little more special with a plate of the luxurious meal and some fantastic music under the starlit sky.

These best camping places in Rajasthan definitely stores everlasting moments in one’s personal diary. So all you wanderlust souls out there! Don’t miss a marvelous opportunity to experience a drift in adventure with excitement of camping under the star-studded sky. The camping delights the royal land, Rajasthan offers you, is sure to enthral you.

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