34 arrested for duping US citizens of Rs 2.5 crore

34 arrested for duping US citizens of Rs 2.5 crore

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Jaipur Police arrested 34 people for running fake call centers at different locations of the city. Two girls were arrested including the owner and other employees of a call center. The call centers, which were set up nearly five months ago, busted up for duping foreigners of about Rs 2.5 crore.

From the last four months, these con men were luring foreign citizens for depositing money in their bank accounts on the pretext of saving tax dues and increasing their credit limits. They had set up call centers in Shyam Nagar, Mahesh Nagar, Sodala and Ashok Nagar in Jaipur.

On Thursday, the police conducted a raid at all the four call centers simultaneously. The accused men used to call people in the US, China, Hong Kong, and India. The Indian states include Rajasthan, Gujarat, Meghalaya, and Tripura.

According to the police, the key accused is a 31-year-old software engineer, Hardik Patel from Gujrat. He hired young people with the eligibility of British accent on the monthly salary of up to Rs 15,000.

Patel has a script written for the employees. The company bought the phone numbers and other personal details of Americans from another gang of scammers from US-based company. The accused persons ring up the foreign citizens offering them loans and to increase their credit limits telling them that their credit score was poor and can’t avail the company’s loan schemes.

After the victim’s approval, they used to deposit a 300 $ forged cheque in the victim’s bank account. The victim, after receiving an instant message of a credit increase was asked to return the amount to them by using Bitcoin, Walmart or iTunes gift card. This way, the victims got duped even before they realize. The scammers then transfer the money to some offshore accounts.

Also, the call center employees lured foreigners by acting as US tax officials and telling them about finding tax irregularities in their accounts. In return, the conmen would ask the victims to pay a specific amount of cash as a tax return to avoid Internal Revenue System (IRS) action.

Accused men confessed that they had collected Rs 60 lakh per month from foreign nationals.

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