25 interceptors on road for vehicles violating traffic rules

25 interceptors with special cameras will be on the roads for the vehicles violating the traffic rules, E-challan will reach the vehicle owner's mobile.


For those who drive irresponsibly, now there will be 25 new interceptors included in the traffic police of Rajasthan to take action against them. This interceptor will enter the field with Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) cameras and will send the e-challan to the registered mobile number of the vehicle owner. 

The process of obtaining the new interceptor has been started. The new interceptor will come with ANPR cameras which will record the traffic violation and send the photos and videos to the control room. 

Specialty of ANPR cameras 

The specialty of ANPR cameras is that these cameras will read the number plate even in the midst of the bright lights of the vehicle coming from the front. After reading the number plate, the complete information of the vehicle will come on the screen. The number plate is detected by the laser light emanating from the camera. These cameras will capture the negligent driving vehicles up to a kilometer and capture them. Moreover, these cameras will also be able to record the vehicles and identify the driver.

Interceptors will be installed on the identified highways 

Rajasthan currently has more than 70 old interceptor vehicles. The work of installing ANPR cameras in these vehicles will also be started soon. These interceptors will be deployed on important highways across the state to prevent traffic accidents.

With this new initiative, the negligent drivers can not take advantage of legal hurdles in the action. Also, there will be no need for the traffic policeman to come on the main road. They will be able to make e-challan right from their seating place. This will help to curb the accidents with traffic policemen on the main roads.

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