schools reopen in rajasthan

Government’s new guideline for schools amid rising Covid cases

Mandatory online study in schools, prayers and canteens closed, Schools will not be able to force children to come to school.

Corona News Update News

In wake of rising corona cases among school students in Rajasthan, the state govt issued new guidelines under which online classes shall compulsorily run in schools, however, there shall be no prayer gathering and canteens will be closed till further directions.

The Home Department has issued a new guideline of Covid in the state. Because of the increasing corona cases in schools, the government has decided that now it will be mandatory for children to study in classes 1 to 12 through online study in schools. The new guideline has been implemented for universities, colleges, schools and all coaching institutes. 

After the guidelines of the Home Department, the Education Department has also issued new Covid guidelines. As per the guidelines, the School administration and head will be fully responsible if the corona guidelines are to be followed in the schools. An official will be assigned for monitoring obedience with Corona protocol. Given the situation, the power to take decisions has been given to the District Collector. The District Collector shall be entitled to close or prohibit any school, hostel or educational institution.

Schools across the state will now have three shifts

Now the schools across the state will run in three shifts. The children of classes 1 to 5 will run from 10 am to 3:45 pm. The second shift from classes 6 to 8 will be called to school from 10:15 am to 4 pm. While the third shift for classes 9 to 12 has been kept from 10:30 am to 4:15 pm.

Prohibition on prayer meetings-canteens 

The government has also banned prayer meetings-canteens. The RT-PCR test of students from outside states has been made mandatory. Also, they will be kept in quarantine till the investigation report comes. If any Covid positive is found in institutions, the class will have to be closed for 10 days.

All schools must run online classes

Conducting online classes in schools will be mandatory. Now school management will not be able to force children to come to school. For regular students and staff, a 2 yards social distance and a mask will be necessary. The school will have to be sanitized every day. It is necessary to arrange for the screening of all school staff and children. There will be no prayer meetings in schools. The canteen will also remain closed. Any event that gathers crowd will not be allowed. 

Permission is necessary for all students to come to school from parentage

It will be mandatory for all the students to take written permission from their parents or guardians. Only then will you be able to study offline in school. If a parent does not want to send their child to school, the school will not put pressure on them to attend. Also, arrangements will have to be made for the online study of those children. Bus, auto, cab drivers etc. coming to the institute are required to get both doses of the vaccine 14 days before. Students and staff will be allowed according to the seating capacity of the vehicle.

Classes will be closed for 10 days if a student is found positive

If teachers and employees are found Covid positive symptoms, they will be referred to the hospital, Covid center for treatment and isolation. An ambulance will be arranged by the institute. Along with this, instructions have been given to the schools to advise the parents of the children to inform the school and administration about the ill health of any member of the family. The Health Department will also conduct random sampling in schools.

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