Top Travel Tips to stay safe in Jaipur

Top Travel Tips to stay safe in Jaipur

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Jaipur is a wondrous destination dotted with arresting royal palaces, attractive forts, graceful Havelis, wonderful temples, wildlife parks, sanctuaries and lots more. This makes Jaipur the Pink City of India, the most famous tourist destinations of Rajasthan Tourism. But before anyone plans a Jaipur tour to Jaipur safety is their prime concern. Traveling should be fun and relaxing. The last thing that anyone wants is to be caught up in a messy situation while traveling. Is Jaipur safe to travel?

Jaipur is no different than traveling in any other region of the world when it comes to safety. All travelers should take the same amount of care no matter where they are in the world and to be continually on guard to avoid trouble. Well, the government has taken well care to make sure tourists get a safe environment. Still, before you savor the real quintessence of the Pink city and lose yourself amidst the multi-hued cheerfulness, these are a few points to ponder on.

Do not trust people easily

You might have heard the phrase that the ones you find the friendliest are the fishiest people. Always keep in mind one thing, if you smell something fishy, say ‘No’. Most of the times, our instincts hint us about what is coming in front, you must always rely on your gut feeling. Also, don’t accept if they offer food, drink. Be aware, while taking a selfie with local people. Politeness is one of the best things a traveler like you can do. Keep a smiling face and remain polite most of the hard situations can be tackled.

Don’t Travel During Nights

This is another point which you always keep in mind, especially if you are traveling solo. Sexual assaults do occur very frequently both day and night. Try not to travel alone at all. Avoid late night out plans to keep yourself safe. Plan your maximum travel during day time. If you’re out late night always try to be in a group. Avoid streets with dim or no lightings.

Appropriate Dressing

Mostly people prefer modest dressing. Respect the people and the culture while visiting another city or especially when visiting any place of worship and other religious places dress decently. So do not wear revealing clothes and always try covering your body and not show your skin. Wear comfortable and conservative clothing for your Jaipur journey, preferably made with natural cotton or linen fibers that are able to stand the heat.

Be aware of pickpockets

You will encounter beggars, pick-picketers, hawkers everywhere selling goods around the tourist sites. Don’t leave cash and valuables irresponsibly. Try to keep your belongings with you safe while you travel on public transport. Take the minimum amount of cash you need and store it in hidden pouches, socks or even shoes making sure that it is not discernible through your clothes. Thieves often choose railway stations and crowded situations where pickpocketing is a lot easier. Be watchful on the late-night metros and buses.

Cab Safety

Taxi drivers know that you are a tourist and you are not acquainted with the local taxi fares. They call the price they deem relevant to call for their service. Always fix the price before hiring and use Ola and Uber cabs as much as possible. They are the safest and pocket-friendly options to travel. Also, always keep the number of the cab with you, so that in any mishaps you can share the number with the police or your near ones.

Do not wear expensive jewelry

Leave the bling at home. Wearing too much jewelry might attract the attention of beggars or robbers When you are out, make sure you only take the bare minimum with you. Crime on the streets are quite common and it is just not worth the risk. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or clothing so as not to draw attention to yourself.

Eat Cautiously

Do not accept any food or drinks by strangers as it may be spiked. Ensure you eat in areas with proper sanitation. Jaipur street food is tempting and you might not resist eating them. But, if you have a sensitive stomach, try not to eat at local vendors or street food. Ensure you eat food from trusted places or vendors that use hygienic way of preparations. Carry plenty of snacks and fruit to take care of your well being.

Avoid tap water

If you are traveling, avoid drinking tap water or any water served in a restaurant in a glass. Buy water only in sealed water bottles, since at some places, recycle old water bottles are sold in the most unsanitary way by refilling them with plain tap water that can risk of a serious food poisoning.

Beware of Monkeys

There are some tourist spots in Jaipur where you will find monkeys. Do not carry food in open, plastic bags and also avoid to feed them. You might end up in danger as the behavior of the monkeys is unpredictable and while feeding them they may scratch or bite you. Monkey bites can be severe and cause diseases. Also, hold tightly on your phone and camera as they may snatch it.

Beware of touts

Be careful about hiring any tour operators, tour guides and taxi drivers that might approach you. There have been cases where tourists have been cheated by touts. Hire the ones with Red, Green or Yellow card authorized for tourism business. The unauthorized guides and touts usually come at you to sell their services or products. Say no without hesitating. They also advise you for shopping from a particular showroom or shop where their commission is fixed. Such stores charge high prices from you and cheat tourists.

Follow the city rules

If you may find the “No photos”,  “No eatables allowed” signs. Respect such rules to avoid being in a not so nice situation. Be very cautious when walking around the city because the traffic is chaotic. Many times drivers tend to disregard traffic rules. So again better go for Ola and Uber as your travel option.

Always have maps with you

You should have a map that has your entire route planned out on it, and then get a better map of  Jaipur. It’s always smart to use google maps. You never know when you may need it.

Choose authorized hotels

Part of your planning will be choosing accommodation and by selecting only hotels with a good reputation you will experience the peace of mind that savvy travelers have enjoyed on all their travels. Search in the travel forums for a genuine option. Moreover, be ahead of time and pre-book your accommodation to avoid hassles of hopping around.

Journeys may provide most amazing experiences and at times shocking experiences you are not likely to encounter. Prepare yourself for an amazing Jaipur travel experience by following these helpful tips.  These tips are helpful to ward off unpleasant situations one might come across while traveling in Jaipur.

Any crimes against tourists are dealt with the highest priority. There are authorized Police stations for controlling such crimes against tourists. In the case of fraud, cheating or harassment do not hesitate to contact the police department.

24×7 Toll-free Rajasthan Tourist Helpline No. : 1800-11-1363

Rajasthan Tourism Department email – [email protected]

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